World Peace NOW ?

Ahhhh … finally, I can relax!

Omananda relaxing after World Peace Day on September 22nd 2022 (Equinox)

On winter solstice 2022, it will be ten years that Unify has been working hard to propagate the possibility of World Peace (through Inner Peace). However, world peace is more of a necessity than anything else and it’s not only Unify talking about World Peace NOW successively during equinoxes and solstices ever since its launch.  

There have been episodic events on this planet where humanity (or parts of it) created the world peace movement. It’s usually the people who don’t want to fight. But some megalomaniacs, like Hitler who have a military industrial complex expressing a collective di-ease, a sort of madness that results from separating oneself from the whole and sometimes even identifying with the messiah complex. (Hitler thought he was liberating humanity by creating the perfect human being while starting the golden age of peace that would last thousand years at least – so the prophecy goes!)

A few years ago I told my dad about the vision I have had about a cataclysmic change on the planet that involved a military confrontation between Russia and China that stuck together and the USA/Nato. World war was part of that vision and many people died. World Peace is the end of War and it’s very possible, but how to you challenge destiny? Like this: when we all focus on what matters most – on what we dream together, then we will also create it !!! Our children’s children’s generations x7 +++ deserve us to focus on World Peace and creating paradise on Earth – NOW!

Say Yes to LOVE and NO to war!

The egocentric perspective that dissolves during deep states of meditation and the meditative awareness that develops as a result of repeated daily meditation is one simple cure to a lot of problems we face today collectively and it does not cost a penny to meditate. Anyone can check themselves into a Vipassana center for free anywhere in the world, right now at:

Mr. S.N. Goenka is only one example of someone who has inspired thousands of others to offer such admirable possibility for self-development. Point is: All of US (you, me and everybody) have to come together to solve the biggest problem on Earth right how (World Peace). Because of it, we (Unify) have created a powerful production and transmission during World Peace Day that just happened. You might have missed it. In fact, it would have not been possible to watch all 5 parallel broadcasts that were transmitting simultaneously during World Peace Day on the website. Good news is, you can rewatch all of it – for FREE (no call to actions, no sign up required). But we invite anyone to join from anywhere in the world. NO matter where you come from and who you are. Everyone is welcome, without being judged. Because LOVE is real that we all can feel and everything else dissolves back into NO thing.

The following is the current web-address where you can watch the incredible programs that have been created on the fly through a combination of films, live streams and broadcasts in which I am honoured to have played an active role (again).

This is the campaign movie I created together with Adil Kassam who directed it together with me:

And the following link is a beautiful and long compilation of Unify films that have been produced by Adil over the years. They are interwoven with partner organisation videos and videos produced by Omananda. It was sponsored by Unify and put together by Omananda.

So, enjoy and remember there’s lots of good stuff going all on around the world! Main news won’t really talk about the good stuff until we – the collective good – control the main news. So, keep your eyes open to see the good in your and everywhere around you.

And stay in touch to get access to other like minded people’s knowledge and networks who have love in their hearts, (just like you do) and who know that anything is possible when we unite for a common purpose (with love) and what better purpose might there be to unite right now than World Peace ??? Join us … We love YOU too.

With kindness, Omananda