“I empower people to find their true calling so they can make a great living and manifest the life of their dreams.” Omananda

In India it is well known that the goddess of wealth, power, fortune, beauty, fertility and prosperity – Lakshmi automatically appears when there is true spiritual alignment. Being forced to think about not having enough money to pay the monthly bills or feeding our family is no fun whatsoever. Even if you are financially free today, you might remember the uncomfortable burden of having to think about where the next buck comes from. How can we receive the blessings of the goddess of prosperity, especially during these uncertain times? If you think that having enough money will solve humanity’s problems, think again! Without shifting the perspective from separation (anxiety) to unity (consciousness), our future does not look so bright. But by becoming supremely aware and knowing who we are and what we are capable of, the cosmic energy is moving in a favorable direction. As we imagine, so it is. Instant realization and transmutation changes everything!

Photography by Torsten E. Klimmer aka Omananda

Due to bodily sensations, we naturally choose pleasure and (try to) avoid pain, sometimes at all costs. This can result in heartbreak, or losing our love for living, or worse, it can disconnect us from the creative source so that living becomes unbearably painful and the only desire left is the termination of one’s life. Lifetimes and opportunities might fly by like this. Before we know it, it’s too late and the chance for awakening has passed us. But in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali it is written that each person has at least three opportunities to wake up during a lifetime. Perhaps this is your wake-up call? There’s no better time than NOW to begin the exciting journey of self-discovery that certainly leads to liberation. So why procrastinate? Why wait until the time is just right to step out of your comfort zone and enter the unknown? Life is constantly changing and the comfort we might know today could crumble into nothing tomorrow. Our money gone, our body dying, our mothership – destroyed! So, why use all energy to fight the inevitable and not be courageous enough to do what we are meant to? In essence, we are meant to awaken! And Omananda is here to help in this process. But not only that. He’s also here to give you profound tools of empowerment that will set you free. That is, if you want to.


True success expresses itself as lasting happiness, but there’s something greater even beyond that (joy). When personal will aligns with divine purpose, we are able to manifest our destiny. When living for the right reasons wcan be truly happy. But what could they be? You might already know money that is NOT enough of a reason to truly fulfill a person. Surely, it’s great to be wealthy, but without being spiritually aligned it does not matter how much money you have. And having one without the other is a disappointing half-truth. So, why separate the two? Well, it’s mostly because people’s money-blueprints are not aligned with their spiritual nature. The combination of being financially free and spiritually aware expresses who we truly are and it can do a lot of good for the world. Being wealthy and spiritually aligned can and should go hand in hand, and it often does. It’s just like Shiva and Shakti’s dance of perfection – creation & destruction, being & non-being.

So, first and foremost a person has to discover their true purpose – of why they are on this planet at the first place. To live a consistently happy life, we must be in alignment with our higher calling. Otherwise, our efforts are wasted time and money. Our core principles have to reflect our true purpose that is the means and the goal, which leads to spiritual awakening and success aka happiness. But how can we act in alignment when we are blocking the flow of prana-qi-lifeforce-energy, when fear is the ruling factor? Instead of love being the guiding principle, without the right action, the changes we truly desire are not possible. Doing the same habitual thing over and over again has gotten us to where we are today. But how could we know what we truly desire when we are blinded by a complex, yet imaginary, persona that is a conglomerate of interpreted conditionings in memory and mistakes the body, the mind, and the physical world for reality? Liberating ourselves from the painful claws of trauma and conditioning is possible and not as hard as you might imagine it to be. There are simple tools to quickly get out of the maze, no matter how sad or angry or disappointed or lonely we might be. As long as a person is sincere about wanting to truly change, there is a high probability they will. And the million dollar question is, how do we implement what we know (by heart)? What do we already know? Education comes from the Latin word educe, which is to bring out, to raise up. Spiritual awakening starts with one person at a time and if you want to change the world, you must begin with yourself – to dig in.


Guided to and through the (subjective) truth that speaks through everyone’s heart, each of us is capable of embracing life while vibrating with loving presence. We facilitate this transformational process here at Omananda.com through therapeutic sessions, workshops, in-depth training, coaching programs and events. We serve those who are ready to transform their lives and we help any sincere individual or group that really wants to manifest their dreams. In the best case-scenario, we wake up from the illusion (if separation) and are touched by the “reality” of love. This is what other people say about their experiences with Omananda. Natural and lasting awareness (of who we really are) is not a myth any longer, but a commonality, accessible for all those who are ripe to drop their masks (of false self identification). So, are you ready to free yourself (from mental & financial slavery) and step up your game for real? Then start by filling out this FREE assessment form and we’ll get back to you in regards to that. But give us some time to respond. We only have a few available spaces.

With authenticity & love, Omananda

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