Without having a respectful and empathic attitude toward all life, pain and suffering seem to be the current driving forces for humans to grow into deeper love. How simple would it be if we could learn from enlightened perspectives instead of being scolded for our shortcomings and trespasses? How ironic we learn powerful life lessons that can hurt a lot, but once we realize, it’s often too late to implement what we have learned. Thus, we are born again and again – either psychologically, mentally, physically, or all of the above. But what if there was a way out of the mess, a shortcut, some magical trick giving us the rationale and the heart to move right through the eye of the needle and emerge on the other side – unified, birthed right into the light? Without spiritually bypassing!
It took me a while to understand the great awakening is not a myth, nor is it unreachable. It’s the very essence of who we are, especially when the veil of separation and illusion has been lifted (by the grace of the guru). For the longest time, I never understood this, until I became acutely aware as the perfect devotee. Decades passed before I realized. I was sitting in the blazing heat of the Hawaiian sun with my eyes closed, determined not to take any more food into my body and starve myself to death until I got an obvious sign, a message I could understand. “Use this vehicle of my body”, I asked the source of all being, “to be the vessel for serving that higher purpose”. It only took 5 minutes before someone tapped me on the shoulder. After I opened my eyes, I saw a young man in his twenties. “Are you hungry?”, he asked. “Yes, I am!”, I replied since this was a clear sign I could accept, a confirmation that my life is not without purpose, and from that moment onwards, I received clear visions that one could call instructions from The Source.
Today, I know by heart we are not alone and that serving at the highest level is an honor, not a burden. The tribe of awakening people is growing rapidly until there is only ONE (amongst the many). The question you might ask yourself is; are you ready to get out of the matrix and transform yourself, and your life, in the process? Because, if you are one of those people who feel called to activate your full potential and you want to consciously participate in the grand awakening of humanity on planet Earth and serve (a greater purpose than your own survival or the fulfillment of some external material desires), we would be honored to help you stabilize in the field of love so that you can express your freedom and your care and your compassion and your genius with all you come in contact with. 
To begin, start by filling out this short assessment form. Omananda will reply as soon as possible with a unique and personal response that could be the beginning or maturation of your ascension journey and move you one step closer to being free (of fear/illusion) and guided by cosmic intelligence (love).
May you be blessed.
With Love & Light, Omananda