The Hindu goddess of wealth, power, fortune, beauty, fertility and prosperity – Lakshmi automatically appears when there is true spiritual alignment. So, how do we receive Lakshmi’s blessings
You might already know money is NOT enough of a reason to really fulfill a person. Sure, it’s great to be wealthy, but without being spiritually aligned and fulfilled, it does not matter how much money you have! Having one without the other is a half-truth. So, why separate the two? The combination of being financially free and spiritually awake, aware and aligned expresses who we truly are. When financially empowered we can do a lot of good in the world. Being wealthy and spiritually aligned should go hand in hand, like Shiva and Shakti’s dance of perfection, creation and destruction, vision and manifestation, energy and matter.
Shiva Shakti Dance

First and foremost a person has to discover their true purpose – of why we are here on this planet at the first place. To live a consistent happy life, we must act in alignment with our higher calling. Our core principles reflecting our true purpose is the means and the goal, which leads to spiritual awakening and success aka happiness. But how can we act in alignment when we are blocking the flow of prana-qi-lifeforce-energy, when fear is the ruling factor? Instead of love being the guiding principle, without the right action, the changes we truly desire are not possible. When you are in control of your lifetime it’s you who chooses what you do and when! A little structure is essential for finding YOUR way before totally letting go of all imaginary constructs. There’s NO map to follow and there are no shortcuts to get to the top of the mountain. Who or what guides you masterfully to the core of your heart is the priceless gem in your life. Maybe the little voice in your heart?


As long as a person is sincere about wanting to truly change, there is a high probability they will. But the million dollar question is, how do we implement what we know (by heart)? What do we already know? Education comes from the Latin word educe, which is to bring out, to raise up. Spiritual awakening starts with one person at a time and if you want to change the world, you must begin with yourself. Liberation from the painful claws of trauma and conditioning is possible and not as hard as one might imagine. There are simple tools to quickly get out of the maze, no matter how sad or angry or disappointed or lonely you might feel. There is a light in the end of the tunnel and it’s possible to realize before dying. Guided to and through the (subjective) truth that speaks through everyone’s heart, each of us is capable of embracing life while vibrating with loving presence – at the highest frequency. It triggers a natural awakening, which moves not only mountains, but galaxies and energetic blockages.


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