Wise words from Omananda’s book…

The following text has been taken from an Omananda book called Transcendental Journeys, a Visionary Quest for Freedom.

“Today, I understand that the spiritual journey largely consists of removing all resistance to the flow of divine love. This is not just an intellectual choice. This powerful, physical feeling can be invoked. Anyone sincerely interested in their spiritual awakening, like people who already question their integrity and wonder about their true identity, might not need to go down the psychedelic rabbit hole. They are likely ahead of the game and already on the right path. The best thing anyone could do to realize the self is to stay clean and sober of all toxic substances, especially alcohol, nicotine, coffee, polluted water, dirty air, chemical food additives, pharmaceutical drugs, television, news and refined processed foods. Physical, psychological and energetic cleansing is one of the most powerful things anyone can do to propel their personal awakening into a safe and desirable direction that could very well result in living a happy and peaceful life, which is something we all naturally desire deep within us. Being sensitive is what is necessary for realization, but when someone is already highly sensitive, even a moderate dose of psychedelic drugs can be overwhelming, so caution is advised when using them! For insensitive ogres however, tripping could be very useful! 

Awakening comes in many forms, and the most natural process for achieving it involves being loving and kind. When guided by the wisdom of our intuition we learn to develop compassion. One simply becomes love as the ego steps out of the way to allow a complete merger with the experience in the present moment. This process is much milder and safer for sensitive people than blowing their minds with psychedelics, which can be compared with the detonation of an atomic bomb. The effects of LSD were described in similar terms by Nicholas Sand, who was one of the most well-known underground chemists who created the biggest illegal LSD manufacturing operation in the United States and in Canada. I met with this now-deceased close associate of Timothy Leary who sincerely thought he was doing a lot of good for the world, and he might indeed have been.  

Still, it is difficult to ignore the fact that a few people did not take this very pure medicine, he scrupulously manufactured, in appropriate circumstances or quantities and may therefore have been harmed. If people who are not previously screened for psychological issues take high doses of powerful mind-altering drugs without the proper guidance in the unenlightened, prohibitionist, and fear-promoting world in which we still live today, problems are bound to result in some cases. Do a few casualties outweigh the much larger majority of awakenings created by Albert Hofmann’s “problem child,” which was what he somewhat affectionately called LSD? Do the results justify the use of currently illegal but expedient means like psychedelics when there are safer and freely accessible, although perhaps more time consuming, methods that can potentially lead to a similar destination? These were moral questions I started asking after I stopped taking LSD and advocating it through the biased media I had created.”  

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