Om is the primordial sound of the Cosmos and Ananda translates from Sanskrit into bliss. Omananda is the primordial sound that creates bliss with cosmic insight. This ONEness is also an embodiment, and it vibrates. serves as the production hub for all Omananda Productions. In 2012, Omananda helped to launch that became one of the biggest synchronized meditation movements on the planet. Omananda Productions helped to create activist films to protect sacred land and shamanistic cultures in Mexico. Omananda is the visionary producer who created the film Liquid Crystal Vision ( and he’s the author of the fascinating book, Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom. Omananda has produced mind-blowing Visual Light Shows in some of the greatest transformational festivals on the planet and today, Omananda hosts vibrational sound-therapeutic sessions.  Transformational workshops, retreats and courses are coming up and when you subscribe to the FREE Omananda Newsletter you’ll get discounts, with private invitations, for future events and products.

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