Om is the primordial sound of the cosmos. Ananda translates from Sanskrit into bliss. Omananda is the primordial sound that creates bliss, with cosmic insight. According to Vedic scriptures, where there is bliss (ananda) there is also insight/knowledge (jnana). 

“Serving the Greater Good & Digital Entrepreneurship is what I do. 
A vehicle for the Divine and a Cosmic Being is who I am.” 

Torsten E. Klimmer aka Omananda is a German producer, artist, world traveler, entrepreneur and devotee of Lord Shiva – the Master Yogi. He escaped from East Germany before the Wall came down and explored the world ever since.

Omananda received a vision to produce Liquid Crystal Vision – the visionary cult film film that was published in 2002. Furthermore he co-produced activist films that helped to protect indigenous medicine cultures (the Huicholes). The social movement that grew out of it protected WWF-land and it eventually helped to push a Canadian billion dollar mining company that was in violation of the law out of Mexico.

Omananda has performed stunning Visual Light Shows in some of the greatest transformational festivals on Earth and in Transcendental Journeys – his fascinating book – he published an incredible story where he speaks of future visions and paradise on Earth (after an apocalyptic change).

Omananda has transformed many people’s lives. He is a founding member of – the organization that has created one of the biggest synchronized meditation movements around the world (together with Deepak Chopra).

Valuable teachers of Omananda are his mother, his father, the goddess of creation, J.Krishnamurti, BKS Iyengar, Nisargadatta Maharaj, angelical light beings, visionary plants and thirty years of world travels. Guruji Sri Vast, a living master and poet, has embraced Omananda with divine grace.