I like to say, “Clean your temple every day and watch your life transform.” Daily & momentary meditation is a great tool for me to remember the divine flow, what matters most, and who I am. Who am I? 

As an instrument of Great Spirit I am guided by divine purpose. am the visionary producers known as Omananda who created the movie Liquid Crystal Vision (www.liquidcrystalvision.com). have performed mind-blowing Visual Light Shows in some of the greatest transformational festivals on Earth. I also wrote a fascinating book called: Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom. Read the reviews, or leave some at: https://www.transcendentaljourneys.com/testimonials

I feel honored to have helped to launch www.unify.org – one of the biggest synchronized meditation movements on the planet. I spent years with medicine-tribes in Mexico where I helped to create activist films to protect sacred land and the indigenous, shamanic cultures. I have traveled around the world and lived in many different countries over the years. I use sound for healing and I hold workshops. I teach and I enjoy giving presentations

I feel a lot of love these days and my heart is wide open. I am healing in this process of becoming an authentic, cosmic and caring (human) being. Feel free to contact me. Let’s co-create! I love to play, learn, share, express, heal, do (and be) art – evolving together as ONE. 

You can also ask me to participate in your event and I might appear, depending on circumstances. I can express my many different talents in multiple ways. Visit: https://www.transcendentaljourneys.com/workshop for details. 

With love, respect, and unity consciousness, Omananda

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