My name is Torsten Eberhard Klimmer and I was born in East Germany from where I escaped before the wall came down. You can read about this adventurous and dangerous true story in a couple of books I published. Search for the author-name: “Torsten Klimmer” and you shall find. 


A little bit about myself: I like to say, “Clean your temple every day and watch your life transform.” Daily & momentary meditation is a great tool for me to remember the divine flow, what matters most, and who I am. Who am I? I am an instrument of Great Spirit guided by divine love and a cosmic purpose that arises through a surrendered perspective-shift that reveals the cosmovision in the moment. Once the sleeping serpent has awoken, the conscious awareness that is required to be an authentic, empathic and compassionate human being also magically appears. It certainly helps a LOT and I am grateful that I have been initiated into the mystery directly by the original Yogi who happens to be a Hindhu God. Lord Shiva embodies the spiritual principles I aspire to be guided by, on a daily basis.


I feel honored and humbled to have helped to launch in 2012 that became one of the biggest synchronized meditation movements on Earth. And why would that matter (my mum asked)? Watch this video to find out. I spent years with medicine-tribes in Mexico where I helped to create activist films to protect sacred land and the indigenous, shamanistic cultures. I have traveled around the world for three decades and lived in many different countries. I hold workshops, teach, and I enjoy giving presentations. I am also the visionary producer known as Omananda, who created the movie Liquid Crystal Vision ( and I have performed mind-blowing Visual Light Shows in some of the greatest transformational festivals on the planet. I wrote a fascinating book called: Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom and I love to work with vibrational sound therapy.


I feel a lot of love these days and my heart is wide open. I am healing in this process of becoming an authentic and caring (human) being. Feel free to contact me. We can co-create a better world together, a paradise of love, beauty and freedom! I like to play, learn, share, express, heal, do (and be) art – evolving together as ONE. Don’t you too?

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