Who is Omananda?

Omananda was born as Torsten E. Klimmer in East Germany from where he escaped before the Berlin Wall fell. Read about this adventurous and dangerous true story in a couple of books he published. Search any eBook hub for the author-name “Omananda” and you shall find. 
Because his father encouraged him to write daily into a diary, he started writing at a young age. A key-moment defining Omananda’s life was when he met a famous writer who answered his question on how to become a writer by recommending to travel the world and writing the stories down. After Omananda had traveled for several years around the world, he began having mystical experiences that enabled him to understand life from an entirely different perspective than we ordinarily are taught in school. He related a lot to Vedic philosophy and remembered it from a past life. Omananda has lived in many different countries over the years, and he was initiated to various mystical traditions, especially Tantra and Shaivism. 
The author and filmmaker has performed mind-blowing Visual Light Shows in some of the greatest transformational festivals on the planet. He helped to launch UNIFY.org in 2012, which became one of the biggest synchronized meditation movements on the planet. Omananda spent years with medicine-tribes in Mexico where he learned about the indigenous perspectives and how to pray with mind-altering plants and fungi. He helped to create activist films to protect the sacred land and the indigenous, shamanistic cultures. Omananda is also the visionary producer who created the film Liquid Crystal Vision (www.liquidcrystalvision.com) and he wrote the fascinating book Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom.  Today, Omananda hosts vibrational sound-therapeutic sessions. He gives presentations, holds workshops, and his production-site is: www.omananda.com
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