Omananda in front of Matrimandir
Omananda is not only a German-born world traveler by the name of Torsten E. Klimmer. He’s also a mystic, an artist, a producer, a writer, a business and life coach, and a devotee of Lord Shiva Nataraja. Torsten was directly initiated in India into Kashmiri Shaivism and the Tantric Sutras of the Vijñāna-Bhairava-Tantra by the Hindu Deity (Shiva). The didgeridoo, an Australian droning instrument originating from the Aborigines, gets him into a state, and he shares this gift with the people who need it most and offers the therapeutic benefits in a framework of sound in therapy, which is often tight together with coaching sessions.
Torsten at the age of 16 in East Germany (GDR)
Torsten at the age of 16 in East Germany (GDR)
As a young adult, Torsten was politically active in the former GDR and helped prayerfully and non-violently in the movement that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Omananda Dancing in India while Traveling 12 years as part of his sadhana (spiritual practice)1996
Torsten had a profound spiritual awakening in 1993 that changed the course of his life. A part of his spiritual training (sadhana) was to travel twelve years non-stop. He became Omananda in Pushkar (India), where he was living at the time and traveling barefoot. He had started to travel the world carrying a didgeridoo and the aim of liberating himself from habitual, collectively limiting psychological programming and conditioning. He was initiated during a Mahashivaratri directly by Lord Shiva into the 112 Tantric Sutras that he experiences as an embodiment.
The mystical and shamanistic tradition of Tantra, specifically non-dual Kashmiri Shaivism, have shaped Omananda’s experiential understanding of the world.
Writing, artful expressions, photograpy, and film have been main-themes in Omananda’s life, after he received his divine mission. He is the visionary producer who created  Liquid Crystal Vision (, an instant cult documentary, which was published in 2002. The film advocates the freedom to get high and it connects psychedelic induced states of consciousness with authentic spiritual and mystical experiences that people can have without drugs.
Omananda performed mind-blowing visual light shows at transformational festivals around the world between 2002 and 2014, and he is the author of the fascinating book Transcendental Journeys: A Visionary Quest for Freedom. 
Omananda helped to launch Unify in 2012 that became one of the biggest synchronized meditation movements on the planet at the time – He has made activist films, which you can watch on this website. The films rotated on Mexican satellite TV and helped to protect WWF land and indigenous medicine cultures. Omananda learned and filmed how members, chiefs, presidents, and vice presidents of the Native American Church (NAC) and indigenous people of Mexico (The Huicholes and others) use mind-altering plants during ritual prayer in sacred medicine ceremonies. He lived in Mexico during that time and participated in the co-creation of Centro Nierika. He’s played didgeridoo as sound in therapy since 1995 and created a unique formula that reveals the sacred within (each person he therapeutically treats) within a few minutes!
Torsten is passionate about total freedom, world peace, protecting nature, investing into emerging benevolent technologies, self-realization, meditation, Yoga, and healing. All Omananda Ventures, co-productions, and creations focus on conscious awakening, the ascension culture, and the implementation of a global community that’s not based on false principles.

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