We are only ever racing against ourselves – time to STOP

Much time is spent running around, sometimes in circles. Bills to pay for things we do or do not need. Taking time “out” is crucial and I have taken it for granted and to the extremes to do nothing for extended periods of timelessness. “Finding myself” in the midst of chaos has not been easy, especially when the “self” is hidden underneath our noses. Three decades I’ve been on this spiritual journey that took me around the world and what have I gained?

Carved Buddha Photographed by Omananda in Sri Lanka

Ordinarily, we humans separate life into “them” and “us”, the inner and the outer when in reality, there is no separation. According to quantum physics, we are all floating in a cosmic sea of energy and light. Mystics confirm this and I know it by heart. What more do we need to know?

I, for myself, can’t accept anything unless I have experienced it, or I have a memory of the experience. If you tell me there are aliens on the planet, which there might be, I won’t believe it until I met one myself. Do you believe anything when someone tells you a story, swearing it’s true? I met people who seemed very sure of themselves that were pathological liars. My father was one of them and he was not the only one. Liars think if a lie has the effect of a medicine that it embodies truth. As long as it prevents pain, they justify to bend the truth (just a little) and even they believe their lie that becomes their truth that they defend to their death. How do you feel about that? I didn’t resonate with it, but I also did not realize how deep a lie can be embedded, to deceive yourself. I fell into the trap and believed things about myself that simple were not true. The sad thing was that it led to a lot of pain for me and others that could have been averted would I have known what life is all about – back then when I started to investigate about the nature of the self.

Retreating from the “outside” world could be labeled as being “lazy”. Artists and most human beings need a time for self-reflection until inspiration strikes hard, like sudden lightning out of a thundercloud. When the foggy mind clears up, we naturally understand what is and is not real. Without that time-out, we run like hamsters in a wheel, getting nowhere. Everyone lives a little lie, because our lives are commonly based on a delusional (false) image of ourselves that exists purely in the imagination. Yes, the spiritual fire is a life-long journey closely related to personal development. It’s constant recognising and tweaking of psychological patterns, removing doubts, transforming harmful programs, biases, and misconceptions.

In this life, I’ve bumped against self-imposed seeming boundaries that aren’t as real as love seems to be. Pure love – what else does one need? What else might we be looking for, if not perversions of love that deception can be? Money? The Internet seems overloaded with lots of deals too good to be true. Most marketers promise to make you rich with fine print saving their asses from being sued. Only those who have achieved greatness and material success, or given it up altogether (as monks do), can afford to ask the question and implement the answer to what makes us truly happy. A lasting happiness that money can’t buy; love that is!

Of course, having the luxury to ask questions about love and lasting happiness requires one to have enough money to not have to worry about where the next buck comes from, so this post must be aimed at retired people, although by then time is the most precious resource (that it always is). Of course, some (of the best) things are free and what we really need can greatly be reduced. For shelter we have the stars, for food we have herbs, berries, fruits, mushrooms, nuts and clothes we can be naked (as we were in the garden of Eden). I love it naked, like Milarepa did. We are all born free under the sun to take that time off. It’s our time and we should be in control of it, nobody else! That was my philosophy for a while and it worked. It gave me time to contemplate life and it took a lot longer than I thought it would for me to finally get it. I think I got it today. I realize we all could benefit from a system that gives us financial freedom and precious time for truly living for other reasons than “making money”. But how do I market that conundrum and why would I chose to – be like everyone else out there? Because I want us all to be truly FREE and happy (myself included – since we are all ONE). How can there be happiness without freedom?

Omananda in Norway

The sun is such an energetic center that just shines and shines and shines. The truth is, you’re only ever racing against yourself, an imaginary self that is (not real). Because the real self is (almost) like the sun. The true self is infinite. It has no beginning and no end. I’m saying that without giving references, but this blog-post is not a doctor’s thesis and if you are curious enough, you can research anything online today and verify what I am saying might be true. I’ve done my research, not only from books. I’ve lived it gracefully and I’m living it and you can as well. I encourage you to tap into the limitless source of all creation within yourself NOW. I always also like to ask what you would want if you had one wish and you knew it would come true.

What would you wish for? And why would I – of all people – care about it? Let me share a secret. You and I, we are not really that different. We are in fact, ONE. How can anyone be happy if others are suffering due to the delusion of seperation? So, what is it that you’d truly want – your hearts desire? (Please take a moment and write it down before you read on).

Let me ask another question, please. Where is the center of infinity?

That’s right, there is no center. Each flower’s center is at its core and each being’s center is its heart (core). This is where the magnetic field’s origin lies and there are many fields in the one field that holds us all together. Cero-point unlimited life energy. And without this togetherness, none of us could exist! Each cell has such a core, each building block of life vibrates with source energy. Because of it, we are all capable of communicating with all life. This is a big deal, because this is where dream and reality meet !!! This is why racing makes no sense whatsoever because we are already perfect – here and now, inseparable as we are, unified at the core. All we got to do is (take the time to) realize.

Take a moment please to consciously breathe and focus on your center – the center of the universe – your heart! That’s you. Nobody inhibits this space and time and this is where the music plays, where the magic is at it’s zenith. This is where you receive all the information you need to move forward in this sacred moment to create the perfect destiny. Do it now. Feel yourself and don’t let go of this feeling that’s your guiding principle. When you don’t know what to do, ask for cosmic guidance from your heart center in this meditative space. Enjoy …

With love, Omananda