Viva Mexico!


I just made the intercontinental jump to Mexico from Europe via airplane. It’s warm here and lovely. I’ll be in Mexico for the entire winter until spring in a place called Mallinalco, which is a pueblo magico that are special towns in Mexico which receive benefits from the board of tourism. Malinalco is a lovely little hub, similar to Tepoztlán, just a lot more smaller and unknown. *The image below was taken on a doggy walk.


You might know that I’m in the process of publishing a book and workshop and that I’m also taking people on magical little journeys to special places for initiation journeys. My time here will be introspective. I’ll be doing the annual yoga, meditation, and cleansing retreat. If you would like to join or be informed of any happenings, sign up for the newsletter.

Have a wonderful day, with love, Omananda