Visionary Coaching

Visionary Coaching
“Without vision, we are blind to opportunity.” Omananda

Visionary Coaching frequently outlines imminent opportunity that might have been previously ignored. Visionary insights appear during Visionary Coaching as an integrated response from direct contact with universal life force.

Omananda channels valuable information that flows effortlessly during Visionary Coaching while subject-matters are mirrored through a mystical eye. This often changes the perspective and direction of any agenda or life path for individuals, groups, and organizations alike.

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Omananda has learned how to communicate his observation from the mystical perspective very well. When reading his book Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom one finds out what he has visualized for the planet. When watching his films, such as Liquid Crystal Vision one understands how Omananda communicates. One of his great talents is to channel the essence of a person and capture it during video interviews or podcasts.

Omananda has been traveling through the world for three decades as a producer, filmmaker, artist, author, sound therapist and mystic after he successfully escaped from East Germany. He is grateful to have helped to create the biggest meditation movement on Earth – Unify. He lived with native tribes of Mexico – the Huicholes – where he gained insights on indigenous perspectives. There, he helped to kick out billion dollar mining companies that were in direct violation of the law.

Today, he loves to create individual and group sound therapy sessions all over the world that often go hand in hand with visionary coaching. During Visionary Coaching, all of his abilities are put together into one powerful session. You can book your Visionary Coaching session with Omananda online or in person. Most sessions can be done on long-distance too.

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