by Omananda


When we feel disconnected, we are not in tune (not tuned in). Getting a tune-up is a great idea then. That is exactly what vibrational sound therapy is like! This tune-up for the body, mind, and spirit helps individuals and groups to reconnect in the present moment to the source of all Being. The sacred intention during Omananda’s vibrational sound therapy sessions is for individuals to discover how to playfully transform their pain and fear and move towards a more desirable and loving direction. At this website, we have gathered testimonials as proof that many session participants have been deeply touched by Omananda’s vibrational sound therapy.

Cymatics proves sound affects the physical world through vibration. Sufi and Hindu mystics use sound through mantra and sacred prayer-music to connect with what some people prefer to call God, Great Spirit, the Sacred Source, and so forth. Native Americans use sound as prayer (often in combination with visionary plants) and in nearly every tradition, music plays an integral part of how people connect with each other and the source of all creation. The word Omananda consists of OM (AUM) and Ananda (bliss). The AUM is the sacred syllable (and symbol of Hinduism) that symbolizes the primal sound of the cosmos – from which all other sounds emanate. Deep relaxation certainly has the capacity to transform dis-ease into ease! Anyone who received vibrational sound therapy with didgeridoos has been astounded how relaxing it can feel. After experiencing vibrational sound therapy by Omananda, it is not uncommon participants describe feelings of floating through space, becoming cosmic energy, remembering who they are, and what their missions on Earth might look like.

A well-executed vibrational didgeridoo sound-massage is synchronous with vibrational sound therapy that aligns energy lines with the original geometry and thus restore natural balance and harmony within the bodily system that includes the mind and its ethereal surroundings. The sound waves of the didgeridoo deeply penetrate the human body. They can be felt strongly going through the flesh. When these energetically cleansing sound patterns and waves brush through bodily tissues, healing naturally takes place through alignment. Through intuitive perception, the sound therapist tunes into an area in need of cleansing. Tense tissues relax when correlated issues that exist within the mind are released. The grounding and relaxing sound fields that the instrument generates connect to the frequency of the Earth’s resonant field. The sound of the didgeridoo activates the body’s electromagnetic bio-circuits.

Photo of Omananda taken in September 2020 after a Vibrational-Sound-Therapy group session

Many people receive crucial information during vibrational sound therapy – on what they might want to change so they can advance to the next level and improve their lifestyle-choices. After private sessions that are often bundled with personal training and coaching, a person will have the advantage of being connected to the creative source that helps anyone realize that everything is connected and anything is possible! When we embrace all of creation, we will also be embraced by it and this is how the resistance to the blockages of the flow of love, prana, qui are removed.

Vibrational sound therapy helps anyone to realize where and who we are, or who we are meant to become. Contrary to a long and painful physical and psychological trauma-release process, sometimes not moving forward and being exposed to continuous negativity and addictive behaviour that can smolder like an old wound over years, vibrational sound therapy provides instant results with a lasting effect. No, there is no guarantee that vibrational sound therapy works magically for everyone, everytime, but for the majority of participants it miraculously works really well! We are meant to shine our starlight upon the world and investing into your physical and spiritual well-being is a brilliant idea. So, booking a session starts your joyful process of learning how to naturally and playfully unpack the loving energy that shines at the core of every human being. Session-prices are individualized, depending on circumstances. Filling out the booking request form is your first step towards transforming your life.