Vibrational Sound Therapy with Omananda

Sound in therapy is an ancient form of healing. Sufi, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu mystics use sound and sacred prayer-music to connect with what some people prefer to call God, Great Spirit, the Sacred Source, and so forth. Native Americans use sound as prayer (often in combination with visionary plants) and in nearly every tradition, music plays an integral part of how people connect with each other and the source of all creation.

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Omananda has used sound in therapy since the mid-nineties. Many session participants have been deeply touched by the vibrating sound waves and frequencies of Omananda’s didgeridoos during sound therapy. 
When we are not in tune (not tuned in) we might feel disconnected (from who we really are). Getting a tune-up is a great idea then and that’s exactly what vibrational sound therapy is like. This tune-up for the body, mind, and spirit helps individuals and groups to reconnect in the present moment to The Source of All Being.
Drawing by Torsten aka Omananda in 1997 as an expression of applying didgeridoo massage
Deep relaxation naturally transforms dis-ease into ease. A skilled sound therapist (such as Omananda) facilitates this process.

It is common for participants to describe feelings of joy and floating through space and becoming cosmic energy during vibrational sound therapy with Omananda. It helps participants to realize that everything is connected and that anything is possible. Many people receive crucial information during vibrational sound therapy sessions with Omananda that are usually bundled with personal training and coaching.

A vibrational sound therapy session with a didgeridoo might help one to embrace all of creation and start the joyful process of learning how to naturally and playfully unpack the loving energy that vibrates at the core of every human being. Sound waves remove physical blockages (resistance) to the flow of prana, qui (life-energy) so that love can shine through the illusion of separation and penetrate the being on the receiving end at the core, revealing cosmic energy at it’s heart as it naturally awakens. Watch the video below and listen to the session with headphones or on a great sound system.

Omananda Private Sound Therapy Session Video
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