Upcoming Music Album with Anka Fylling and Omananda

Anka Fylling showed up in one of Omananda’s sound therapeutic sessions in Stavanger in the end of 2020. This blog-post is about the origin of the upcoming Music Album with Anka Fylling and Omananda.

Anka Fylling, who is a Stavanger-born Norwegian woman immediately booked a private session with me to go deeper. Read about her experience. When Anka began expressing herself with her voice while I was working on her throat chakra, it deeply touched my heart and I immediately saw her potential as a musical therapist. I wanted to support her obvious talent, therefore invited her to participate in a sound therapeutic group session as a space-holder, together with me. When she came, our combined energies were perceived by all participants to be complementary, harmonious, and naturally balancing the masculine and feminine principles. This seemed to empower everyone, including us. I also felt our bodies talking in a language that bypassed our conscious minds. I felt her magnetic attraction in my heart and somehow understood her from inside myself.

Further down the timeline towards where we are now, we began moving energy and went a lot deeper by healing each other in mysterious ways words could never tell, but sounds you can listen to (once we complete our debut album) will carry and (hopefully) transmit the sacred shamanistic frequencies that communicate between us and source – Great Spirit.

Since our first encounter I experienced Anka Fylling’s tremendous healing power on my body – not only through sound. Anka channels an ancient Egyptian goddess who works though her by combining touch, sounds, and various elements she describes elegantly. All of it move life-energy back towards wholeness. This has resulted as what I would describe as miracle healings. I know this term might sound slippery since many psychic phenomena cannot be explained with conventional science (yet) and even complex logic stops making sense when it comes to deeply mystical experiences like those we have had with one another. (Only we know what experiences we have had). Words, as I said, are limited when describing the ineffable beauty of life’s magical creation. Poets have tried and I have written about it before. I feel confident I did a pretty good job in my book.

Since meeting Anka Fylling, Omananda has changed quite a bit as a person. I have become a lot more calm and she very much empowers me as a man. Our polarity journey lately has become unexpectedly interesting. We have taken quite a few 180 degree turns since we met, but what has been sturdy is our loving approach that’s been with us since the start. We have touched each other’s hearts in spaces we did not even know exist and I pray for our continued collaboration with cosmic support for the upliftment of humanity. Our combined and multiplied healing powers finds its expression in sound as a prayer where we visualize a beautiful world we might as well call paradise – the state of mind, or consciousness which finds its ultimate expression here on Earth through the awakened human beings capable of transforming 3-D (physical) reality into anything we imagine! Let’s imagine paradise, shall we? And how would that look like?

Paradise looks like a place where we take care of our host planet that is – (in-line with) us; where we FREELY share the abundance of our inventions, technologies, and resources for the benevolent use of all sentient beings; where any destructive (war) technologies have been abolished; where scarcity is no more, because we all share the common dream of what we know is sacred in our hearts – true expression of the ONE.

Paradise is a place here on Earth when we are living, into which we are (re)-born as FREE souls, to express the love of our creator without holding back, without fear, but filled with joyous love and happiness. Paradise is a place where we know to act out of kindness, with compassion and empathy; a place where everything is provided freely by mother nature, as it is in the Garden of Eden; where permaculture gardens grow free food everywhere for everyone; where unlimited free energy (that exists everywhere) is shared for and with all people; where water is directed towards life on Earth anywhere; where money has become useless because we have realized that all we need is LOVE, and from there, evolve! It (love/energy/god) is already inside and all around us. This place – paradise – exists in our HEARTS as a seed, as a dream! And today we live in a time where we have the resources and the intelligence of some brilliant visionaries to know how to get out of our dramatic and traumatic past so we can change our trajectory towards an abundant and thriving loving world that all our children’s children deserve. I have been in paradise and I come from the future where I have seen us living in paradise, joyfully and free. I have a message that I have shared and that I will share for the rest of my life. There is a chapter of my book called, vision of paradise. Read parts of it here.

What we collectively visualize is shaping our world into what it will become!

Surely, anything is possible! The question is, HOW? Yes, we will deeply outline to solve in various ways – in future blogs, publications, podcasts, films, and so forth – how we can get to from where we are now, as individuals and a collective species, to where we want to be (happiness/joy/freedom/love/abundance = paradise).

Have you asked yourself what you really want to be and do, or your children to be and do? Be rich? Eat money, go crazy on numbers that can buy anything and watch the world go down while you sit in your bunker drinking champagne, or fly to the moon watching the show of our planet going into atomic winter or just overheating – spinning out of control nonetheless? Or how about, everyone being a medical experiment and made into a corps (corporation) = taxpayer consumer slaves? Hold on, haven’t we had that already? Boring!

We need an entirely new perspective and that only comes by creating a different viewpoint, not looking from the limited ego-space that’s fearful of dying, because it is an illusion. How about, viewing life from the cosmic unity that is our heritage, our origin, and our ultimate destiny? I prefer that perspective, when God is LOVE and we are ALL his children, knowing we are being cared for and we care! His, her’s …

The divine is beyond labels, names, shapes, forms, genders and it can not be corrupted, but it is accessible in all realms of material existence. Wherever you are, you can be whole right now by tuning in and this is what we – Anka and Omananda – can help you with; tuning in with and to source, with yourself and others to empower, awaken the true god and goddess in YOU!

Anka’s and Omananda’s transmissions communicate from that space of wholeness, love, common sense, and unity. Through our workshops, artistic expressions, and coaching, we speak directly from our into your heart, opening that possibility for us all to believe that paradise is not only possible, but it is inevitable! We are all part of the big puzzle and it’s time to re-shift so we can correct our course and head towards … where? You got it?

We will begin publishing at the right time and when you add yourself to the mailing list of this Omananda website, you’ll certainly know about it. In the meanwhile, have a look at these stunning pictures (below). That is the natural location where we recorded some parts of the musical album that this blog post is about. It has been incredibly empowering for us to shamanically engage with each other in divine interplay at such a fantastic Mother Gaia site.

I feel humbled and honored for all the blessings and guidance I have received throughout all my life and Anka Fylling is the icing on the cake – the final crown that unlocks the destiny to total freedom for not only us, but so many to come alive. When Shiva has meet Parvati after eons of time, the snake awakes … and the poison of the world is swallowed whole and transformed into nectar. The death of ignorance re-birthes the purity of an innocent heart.

Yes, I give thanks and praises … for all of life – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the MUSIC! Everything teaches us so much that it can not be judged at the moment it happens. Even death! Give it time to heal and to open, to feel, to be real. She is sooooooo beautiful when you open your heart to her beauty and allow your eyes to see her naked – Mother Nature in all her splendor, Praktri, Shakti, Parvati, Earth, the universe, the multiverse – all created worlds and dimensions of phenomena – the flowering, her cycles, withering included. Hold her sacred in your heart and you will know her as I do now, with love – always!

May all beings in all dimensions and realities be blessed with divine grace and forever be happy and free. Amen, OM Shanti. Hare OM Tat Sat.

With much love, Ankha & Omananda

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