Traveling is one of my greatest teachers

Traveling is one of my greatest teachers, but even after thirty years of traveling it’s still challenging for me to leave the familiar & complacent world behind.

But I challenge myself and take the risk to explore the unknown. I already got butterflies in my belly. What about you? Have you taken a longer journey, like six month to a year and explored the world? I started with 8 month, then nine, and it became years and decades. Every journey taught me something important and unique about myself and the world. Of course, nobody has to go anywhere to know him or herself. The most essential is deep within us. Or rather, the world happen inside of us. However, seeing another country, meeting new people, exploring new cultures can be a lot of fun and even during and after pandemics and world wars, traveling is still an option! Don’t let yourself be stopped from living your dreams and if traveling is on your bucket list, by all means, explore yourself! Traveling most definitely is one of my greatest teachers.