To love is enough, all-embracing!

It is said that the one who knows love needs to know no more, meaning to vibrate in and to love is enough. Love leads to instant liberation. A fearful mind, however, cannot understand this simple and profound truth that Christ uttered and embodied more than 2000 years ago. Love all that is unconditionally, which means to trust (in the divine plan) and fear not. The purified (uncorrupted) heart understands this well. Of course, there are no sides to the circle of life. Living and dying are intricately interwoven in that unified field of oneness and cosmic vibration. Even to reveal ignorance is to give energy to ignorance (the dark side). So we must train ourselves to remember and always vibrate in the present moment with love. That is enough to remember to do.

It is a prerequisite for following the divine guidance as a perfectly aligned devotee in deep prayer and communion with Shiva/God/Great Spirit/The Divine to be firmly grounded in the non-dualistic perspective that is not only possible when incarnated into a human form but necessary for momentary insights to unfold and reveal the “truth” that becomes an embodiment, not of the mind, beyond the mind.


To be guided by the Source of all creation, one has to surrender with faith. Through grace, it is possible to receive the vision of “reality” that dispels all doubts and illusions.

We wish everyone a prosperous and happy New Year in 2022. This might be one of the most amazing years to come, so don’t expect anything else but miracles. Love is that miracle. With love, Omananda

All writings on this website were originally composed by Omananda, who is a devotee of and in direct lineage with Lord Shiva. You can read about Omananda’s initiation to the dancing form of the Nataraja in this book.