The value of the invaluable

My sessions are based on 30 years of direct experience trotting the spiritual path with a didgeridoo and applying sound to heal myself and others. The sound of the didgeridoo and the way I play it have the possibility of putting people into a container where they can relax into cosmic consciousness. The session time required, according to my experience, is as follows:

  • 1 hour is the minimum requirement, which I would call a basic adjustment that is already great.
  • 2 hours is a nice session with the sound of the didgeridoo and other elements.
  • Most full sessions last 3 hours—that’s a royal treatment with all the bells and whistles, shamanistic technology, spiritual alignment, and coaching.

The best time recommendation I can give is to start and see how long a session takes. There have been sessions that took six hours, but almost always, there comes a point when the adjustment is complete (at the time). Each person is different, depending on their condition. Sometimes it takes less and sometimes more time to do a proper cleansing, but it’s a conscious choice to go deeper, and that takes a little bit more time, which means money. There have been sessions that were completed within thirty minutes as well.

It takes a lot of energy to do any of it properly, and I give everything in each session, not holding back a bit. This is how the donation should be given—not held back. Please remember that there is travel time to get to the location, set up and personal preparation, tear down, clean the scene, and rent the place. A one-hour session is often five hours of related work.

The invaluable service of profound adjustments through vibrational sound medicine with shamanic elements in exchange for suggested donations allows for an exchange to freely flow from the heart. Giving a donation is a wonderful opportunity to express deep gratitude, and it’s different from paying to receive help for personal healing and transformation. Leaving open the option of a defined payment prepares the individual (or the group) to have little expectations, and thus, the possibility for change is greater because what can happen is extraordinary!

However, the price for booking a session is also an investment in the healing process that is required for the person receiving the session. Without this commitment, the work will likely be wasted. Donation prices are suggested depending on the country, currency, and individual wealth status. As a rough guideline, I suggest a tenth of a monthly income for donations per full session (3 hours or more). For a country like Norway or Switzerland, that’s around 150 euros per hour. In places like Thailand, it’s around 1500 baht per hour.

But remember, it’s a suggested donation, and the financial need is not the main priority or what inspires me to offer this service that cannot be purchased. It requires the willingness of the individual receiving sound therapy to show their appreciation and invest in their personal healing process, and it’s a loving exchange no matter what. And that reward can be expressed with the donation (after the session has been received).

I truly enjoy serving those who are ready for a life-transforming experience, with a focus on coming back to harmonic balance. Oftentimes, I experience so-called miracles.


With love, Omananda

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