The value of the invaluable

I offer the invaluable service of profound adjustments through vibrational sound medicine, with shamanic elements, in exchange for a (suggested) donation.
Leaving open the option of a defined payment prepares the client to have little expectations and thus, the possibility for change is greater, even though I take the risk of being underpaid. I am well aware that what I can do is extraordinary.
What I offer is based on 30 years of direct experience of traveling around the world(s) and having myriads of mystical experiences while trotting the spiritual path (with a didgeridoo applying sound to heal myself and others, as individuals and groups alike). in the book I published called Transcendental Journeys I’m sharing some of those transcendental experiences that shaped me into the unique individual I have becoming.
I make it a “suggested” donation so that the person can choose according to their experience, after the adjustment, to apply their loving judgment based on the profound and potentially miraculous experience they might have had, to freely give. But do not expect miracles (from me) other than the simple fact that I might be able to help you realize that you are the miracle! Remember that anything is possible, and instantaneously, when the authentic self is realized. This is our natural state!
The sound of the didgeridoo – the way I play it – has a possibility to put people into a container where they can relax into cosmic consciousness. Only a few people in the world are capable of doing such (devotional) work.
The time required, according to my experience, is as follows:
1 hour is the minimum requirement which I would call a basic adjustment that is already great. 2 hours is a nice session and 3 hours is a royal treatment, with all bells and whistles, shamanistic technology, and spiritual alignment.
It takes a lot of energy to do any of it and giving everything in each session, not holding back a bit, is what works always through me.
The prices I suggest depend on the place (country and currency), location, and individual wealth status. I do accept gold and love doing trades.
The best way is to start and see how long each session takes and using 150 Euro per hour as a rough guideline, as long as the person feels comfortable with that, is a great option. Often, there comes a point when the adjustment is complete (at the time), but each person is different depending on their condition. Sometimes it takes less and sometimes more time to do a proper cleansing, but it’s also a conscious choice to go deeper and that takes a bit more time.
Donation means you give freely from the heart, without holding back what feels right to you. Leaving a donation is a wonderful opportunity to express deep gratitude and it’s very different than paying to receive help for assisting personal healing and transformation. Not seldom people give more than what I suggest and I have received incredible gifts in exchange for sound therapeutic sessions over the years.
I enjoy serving those who sincerely are ready for a life-transforming experience with a focus of coming back to harmonic balance.
So, let me know what’s in your flow and when I am in your hood, schedule an appointment with me as soon as possible, because I am moving quickly around the planet.
With love and divine grace, Omananda

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