The universe is looking out for us!

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In a reply to a friend who felt psychically attacked, I wrote: “The universe is looking out for you (or rather; what’s beyond it) ❤️ You know it by heart … (Know thyself aka knowsis). People might wish bad things for us, but as long as we don’t wish bad things for them, we are safe. (Protected)

Black magic, negative energy, spells and jealousy only have power over us as long as we believe in that power, if we give it power. Because, we are the creators of our own (imaginary) reality. Right?”

So, she replies: “True, Yes, Absolutely! Normally I feel much unaffected, but this time I felt attacked.” (So this seems to happen to her quite frequently). I conclude:

“False interpretation based in unreasonable fear is the true enemy and the remedy is awareness of the self, the real – the love.”

She says: “Yes! I agree. Very true ❤️❤️❤️”