The truth, vaccines and psychedelics

Here at we are particularly interested in spiritual and physical healing, and in revealing the truth. The word truth is a slippery slope, because truth has to be experienced to be fully understood. Some people swear there is no objective truth, but “the truth shall set you free”, the bible states. The truth heals all wounds, through forgiveness – of being forgiven. The truth from Omananda’s subjective point of view is divine love, which is referred to in some religious texts as God.

So, when hearing highly educated and medically experienced people like Dr. Anthony Fauci openly talking about what is okay to mix and match in regards to experimental vaccines, it greatly challenges of what is truthful, not only in a spiritual sense but also in the material one. (The author of this article is no doctor or professor of medicine, but a lover of life and an experienced world traveler who has lived in many different countries and worlds.)

A religious organization called Christian Science, which was started by a woman with the name of Mary Baker Eddy who had a revelation that she claimed healed her from a mortal disease and certain death, refers to the Christ. The central teaching of CS is not an indoctrination, but it strongly focuses on the truth. All is love when having accepted and being awoken to the essential principle that governs all processes of life, including our bodies. Christian Scientists do not use the Western medical approach, or vaccinations and pharmaceutical drugs. Western Science (not Christian Science) is in denial of anything other than what can be proven in the physical world, such as: divine love, which can only be felt when experienced.

Mathematics and logistics however easily lead to the speculation that a person who is heavily invested into stocks from companies that are vaccine manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry (like Dr. A. Fauci), might very likely be influenced to making decisions in favor of the corporations that would directly benefit his financial portfolio. We know, it’s a big assumption. But what we are wondering about is why people who exercise authority over others, deciding over life and death, do not promote to mix and match psychedelics? Yes, this is not directly related and might seem off-topic, but is it really that randon to make an association in this way?

Psychedelics are often natural substances and plants (herbs) that have been used for eons by human cultures to get in touch with what some people refer to as God, or Great Spirit. Tribes around the world have used medicinal mind-altering substances in ritual ceremonies, healing individuals of physical and psychological conditions. In this category are certain mushrooms, peyote, marijuana, iboga, ayahuasca and others. In comparison with injecting mRna vaccines, smoking or ingesting a herb seems rather harmless. Especially since evidence from usage shows those cultures that have used these natural keys to opening up to higher dimensions seem to do rather well until external (ignorant) forces forced them to leave their natural habitat, or simply exterminated them.

Psychedelic drugs, when used in an appropriate set and setting have a great healing potential. They can (temporarily) connect a person with the source of all being. A powerful psychedelic and entheogenic experience has the potential to give access to what lays beyond life and death. It often removed the fear of dying in terminally ill individuals who were part of medical psilocybin containing mushroom studies financed by governments and MAPS. The authorities still define psychedelics as harmful (for the individual) today. But they are more harmful for the order of a society that’s based on fear-mongering, profit and deception. The following is an excerpt of the book, Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom by Omananda.

The Swiss psychologist Samuel Widmer, who had a special government license to legally practice psycholytic psychotherapy with the constructive use of LSD and MDMA in human subjects between 1988 and 1994, gave an interesting answer as to why these substances are not legally available. He shared his opinion during an interview Omananda filmed in Potsdam, Germany, and the following is a translation.

“The medical arguments are that there are not enough clear human studies and that there is not enough proof that these substances are not damaging, but the real reasons are of course political in nature. These substances that were used fell into dispute and to heal the image that they have today is a societal process that must be completed. Behind this hides also something more profound. 

Basically, these substances create fear. They are looked upon as something dangerous, because when humans profoundly change and heal to solve dependencies, etc., then it’s to be expected that they [the people having used them] no longer agree with the current power structures of the world and thus no longer fit in. If citizens would principally let these substances into their lives, the world would change! That could be really dangerous to the current power and political structures. 

The individuals who sit in the corresponding positions [the politicians] feel this instinctively and they do not want to have this [scenario] unfolding. In this sense they are also right. Legalizing psychedelic substances would be perilous for them and their [power] structures.” 

Psychedelics are amazing substances with a strong connection to the cosmic (heritage). They can awaken an individual and the collective to the real power of LOVE, which is not controllable by any governmental organization. True LOVE is scary stuff to those who think they are in power, because love is the greatest power. It’s not power over love, like some occultists like (Aleister Crowley) falsely taught and believed. Love is all powerful, which brings us back to the Christ, the Buddha, the Krishna, and Allah.

No, nobody needs psychedelics to tap into this love! In fact, psychedelics become a hindrance to remaining in the field of love that is natural to all of us and can be taught, especially to children. Divine love, however, can only be bestowed through grace. At, we therefore strongly recommend to listen to the core of your being inside your heart. When you follow that cosmic guidance you’ll automatically work in line with the truth that is divine by nature. You can serve this divine in action when you truly listen to your heart.

We all have been given this temple we call a body. Make it your body of love to serve the divine as a perfect devotee and one day, grace might bless you with the unity vision without having to be dependent on a guru, a drug, a vaccine, authorities, or be limited by fearful and destructive beliefs. The highest authority slumbers within all creation as ONE indivisible and incorruptible life force. When you make that your teacher, you’re way off towards freedom from the known.

Happy Mushroom Season