The inevitable conscious shift

The inevitable conscious shift is about shifting from power to love, opening the bridge to the upper chakras (energy centers and neural networks in the body). With an open heart, we can receive divine guidance in the moment. To see the bigger picture, look no further than where your heart beats. The following words are from those who have the power to change the world (hopefully for the better) with massive financial resources. But is their vision guided by compassion, common sense, and great morals and ethics? Because when our leaders make the right choices that benefit everyone equally, we will be able to live in harmony and peace with each other, share our resources, and preserve the pristine nature of this beautiful planet as stewards, not defensive owners.

“Through global collaboration, public-private partnerships, new models and innovations, and a renewed sense of social responsibility, we can create a more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient world. (they say)

We, the visionaries, are not a small group in society any longer, and each of us is a powerful creator and creatress, especially when we become aware of how to use our imagination (with emotionally empowered visualization) to manifest the dream of paradise and the inevitable conscious shift in our hearts. The master key to conscious awakening and changing our future is buried deep within our genetic design. When we discover what we are destined to do, we are also free to manifest what we are meant to do. Whatever that might be, may we act with kindness and forgiveness and be blessed with divine love so we can effortlessly move through any obstacle that could resurface and disconnect us from the source of all being—of who we truly are.

There are those who know love, and there are those who are discovering what that might feel and be like. The rediscovery of love is the purpose of life. Anything that consciously tries to disconnect us from that loving purpose is always bound to miserably fail. So, smile at the eternal, the unborn, the ultimate, and only reality, and move with that force effortlessly while being guided truthfully forward, towards the good stuff we all desire—not only those millions in your investment portfolio. Those who know by heart naturally help those who have forgotten to remember. The time is drawing nearer with each conscious breath. The inevitable conscious shift and individualized, as well as collective, spiritual awakening are just a matter of removing doubt and not exerting any more energy towards blocking the acceptance of the omnipotent awareness of this almighty love. Welcome to the club? The movie below puts it rightly so…

Hare Om Tat Sat, Hare Om, Omananda