The difference between curiosity and commitment

The difference between curiosity and commitment applies to our personal and romantic lives as much as to our business ventures and school degrees, and it makes all the difference in the world if we are committed or just curious.

Curiosity is feeling things out and exploring, carefully looking for signs of danger, almost expecting some obstacle to appear, and as it is with our minds, we see what we assume. Plus, it’s easier to give up than get through, easier to hide than be rejected, easier to blame than to respect, and easier to point fingers than to have a good look at yourself. When you are not fully committed to changing yourself (for the better), life will teach us rough lessons until we get them, or we don’t (just yet).

curiosity commitment swans love for life

Swans commit for life

Being committed means doing anything in your power to get the results you are looking for. Being curious means figuring out what those results might look like, meaning you don’t know yet what to go for—in a partnership, your family life, your professional approach, or in spirituality. It took me ages to find out what the endgame was going to look like. Regretting what we did not do when we are on our deathbeds is not the best feeling, right? Some people might think, Who cares? I’ve looked back before as my life flashed by, and I thanked every single moment and being for the blessings I received.

We are all curious, and there’s nothing wrong with being curious, but there comes a time when we have to grow up and commit to certain things. Without commitment, success is very difficult. In spirituality, it means to be sincere about our approach. In partnership and marriage, it translates into being committed to one another and working through all the difficulties that might show up. When we are truly committed to succeeding in whatever we do, we get stronger, and this is how we evolve. How we do anything is how we do everything! Yes, please stay curious, but commit yourself at the right time to the right thing as well. The results are worth the hard work. With love, Omananda

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