It has made me aware of what I deeply, truly, desire (group session)

I have been thoroughly digesting the experience you provided for me and the other participants in the shiva new moon ceremony in Stavanger in August. It was a profound experience for me for many reasons and I would like to share with you why it felt so special. Reflecting back on it I could instantly sense how serious you are about your work and that somehow made me trust you immediately, or, better put, my body trusted you (and/or the presence you were channeling as you told us about) immediately. It was also the way you created a container by closing the door between the main room where you held the ceremony and the hall/reception area and that we did a cleansing ritual before entering the room that allowed for a sense of being held, led and guided. Something in me got the message that there was nothing I needed to do and nothing I needed to interfere with. I have thought about how huge of an impact that made for me as I so effortlessly dropped into my body because I felt safe in the space, and that in itself is such a gift. In today’s society I believe so many people, myself included, are more or less in a state of being on alert, not fully dropping into our bodies because our bodies are in a mode of being on guard, and just to, for three hours, more or less completely drop in to my body, lay down and receive your medicine was a true blessing and it has made me aware of, amongst other things, what I deeply, truly, desire. So thank you. I felt the call to share my reflections with you and my hope is that they may benefit you in some way. Sending you love and blessings.

Helene Urrang Jonassen