It was really profound-Shenaya (private & group session)

In the end there was a lot of releasing and in the beginning a lot of receiving. And then I have a lot of communion energy. It was really profound because I connected to perfection of being infinite light and I felt I was tripping on DMT. It came to me again that sound is everything is made of – that sound is the ultimate. I saw these geometric patterns and I just felt God so much stronger in my heart and I connected with that part of me that just knows that I am also that. At times I felt that I wanted to cry because it was so much coming up, but then it just got released. It was just like a vacuum cleaner releasing all that. And then I started¬† having Kundalini coming up. It was definitely tingling. I was laying down on my back and I was more releasing happening and yeah, it was really, really profound. I could feel my body just being vibration and tingling. My womb was responding so strong and my heart. I did not know that sound healing could do this. Yeah, really profound, especially the didgeridoo. Laughing … I feel so good now.



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