The pain in my body is much better now-Marcelle Visser (private session)

I really enjoyed the sounds of the didgeridoo. I really do love natural sounds. It’s so special – the vibrations. It’s also intense to have so many vibrations on the body. It feels very physical. I could feel the vibration going right through the body. But it’s also subtle. The pain in my body is much better now. I could feel it moving during the didgeridoo healing. During the session when you were on my back, I could feel it releasing. My body feels way more relaxed. Just to make the time (for myself) to receive this is very special. In the end of the day, we are all made of old patterns and I see it now – what I can (have to) change. Thank you for it. I really appreciate it.

Marcelle Visser (sound therapist at Pyramid Yoga Center)


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