July 15th Group Session Testimonial

The following are after-session quotes written down on paper:

  • I feel aware of energies.
  • Love is love is love is love
  • Fully aware of myself in a whole new level, calm and surrounded by love
  • Like and ecstatic lightning of blissful love
  • I feel aware of energies
  • Be the body, be the floor, breathe through belly, thoughts out the door
  • Peaceful and quite = Fredful or rolig
  • I feel like the bottom of the ocean
  • Calm
  • I feel tired, but peaceful and joyful
  • Breathe into your heart
  • The road here, This is massive, I’m dreaming/judging, I welcome the fear, I wish to help = Veien hit Dette er stort Jeg drømmer/dømmer Jeg ønsker frykten velkommen Jeg ønsker å hjelpe


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