It offered an even deeper sensation with healing vibrations felt on a cellular level

The first time I met Omananda and attended a vibrational sound therapy session with him was at the OMG Festival in Christianholm Fortress, Kristiansand 2020. It was a wonderful experience being part of a group with like-minded people and feeling the deep vibrations of the various instrument moving through my body.

Three years later I was fortunate to have a private session in the comfort of my own home as well. It was wonderful how Omananda lovingly prepared the space and sat down with me as part of the preparation before I laid down and he began to play.

It offered an even deeper sensation with healing vibrations felt on a cellular level and an out-of-the-body experience that took me on a journey to a place in deep-space surrounded by aurora-green nebulas. It was very heart warming and opening to be in this profound flow-state where time stood still and where I could let go of various earthly-matters that didn’t gain me anymore. I also had visions including glorious peacocks spreading their feathers and ever-expanding green bottles that sort of cleared physical blockages as well as my mind giving me the ability to have more compassion and hold more space for myself and others, choosing more wisely what to let through the “bottle neck” and out of my mouth.

After the session Omananda sat down with me again, offering advice on how to integrate the experience in the time following. It has been very helpful and healing, and I appreciate the knowing that this is not a quick-fix but requires self-effort and determination over time.

I highly recommend Omananda’s coaching and sound therapy sessions to anyone feeling stuck in one way or the other on the path to total freedom and liberation. It shakes you, breaks you open and loosens you up a little, enabling you to put the pieces back together in a more constructive way so you can proceed more faithfully on your personal development journey.

Karmarie Høystrøm


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