Thank you so much for what you gave me-Sarah Warny Berg (private session)

(Omananda): Hey, Sarah ... how are you feeling? Are you still pain free and has the energy moved permanently in your body after the sound healing? Hey Torsten Yes, indeed it is gone I am also very happy for the exercises, you gave me, and I try to make them frequently. Thank you so much for what you gave me!  All the best from Sarah Warny Berg

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This was really cool-Constance Mattheus (private session)

It was very strong - the sound waves on the surface (of the body) - and you could feel it also how it goes into the body so you could feel the waves of the sound. This was really cool. At times, I had really pain. It made the pain really stronger. Sometimes it was like a vacuum cleaner that sucked out (the energy) and I could feel there was space afterwards. I could feel…

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I felt the vibration of the sound on a cellular level-Perle (group and private sessions)

First I had the group session and the energy was great. I felt the vibration of the sound on a cellular level. And experience a deep release of lower energy that was stored in the body. After 9 days, I had a private session and again I felt a deep release of energy in the area that Omananda was working on. I highly recommend this for everyone. And truly appreciate the healing effect that followed…

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Thank You for doing this work on Mother Earth-Anne Karin (group session)

Good morning Torsten I just wanted You to know, Your (sound-therapeutic) ceremony worked and still does. I got separated from the group and became a stone... I was given the insight of a deep trauma when I was 28 years old. So that I can understand why I seperated in all these years. So thank You for doing this work on Mother Earth. thank You so very much Humble love anne karin

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I feel it so strong now after this healing session-Nandi Nordmann’s (private session)

I felt a small point I always have pain - in my liver. Then I became aware that I was thinking and I lost my thoughts. I got lost in the moment! Now I know that something inside myself is going to come out and transform. I have to make that (conscious) choice to stop my addictions, to stop smoking. I feel it so strong now, after this healing session. Thank you very much, Torsten.…

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Strong tingling that feels so good-Anna’s (private session)

Yeah, strong tingling. It feels good. Thank you so much. Wow! Nice is not a word. Expanding love! I had two different experiences from laying on the back and laying on the front. Laying on the back in the first part was like being prepared - a beautiful preparation. Then on the front was the healing. It was like a warrior preparation. In the beginning, it was like a feminine energy, like a pyramid and…

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The pain in my body is much better now-Marcelle Visser (private session)

I really enjoyed the sounds of the didgeridoo. I really do love natural sounds. It's so special - the vibrations. It's also intense to have so many vibrations on the body. It feels very physical. I could feel the vibration going right through the body. But it's also subtle. The pain in my body is much better now. I could feel it moving during the didgeridoo healing. During the session when you were on my…

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