It has made me aware of what I deeply, truly, desire (group session)

I have been thoroughly digesting the experience you provided for me and the other participants in the shiva new moon ceremony in Stavanger in August. It was a profound experience for me for many reasons and I would like to share with you why it felt so special. Reflecting back on it I could instantly sense how serious you are about your work and that somehow made me trust you immediately, or, better put, my…

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I could feel my inner child waking up – Maria Bergwitz (private session)

It was really warm that day and it was nice. I received a 3-hour session right by the ocean. I felt really safe laying down on the mat and I felt cared for. In the beginning, after laying down, I had issues about the intentions of what I was supposed to do. It took awhile for me to lay down and being open to just receive. But then, there was room created and I became…

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Mind Expanding Experience-Livia Grintescu (private session)

I can only highly recommend to try out a sound session with Torsten aka Omananda. I had such a beautiful and powerful sound session with him and his didgeridoo. I could surrender and melt into the sound waves, as my mind was being expanded and my inner vision stimulated. At some point I could see a funnel of energy generated by the didgeridoo as it was pulling stuck energy out of specific areas of my…

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Ecstatic Dance DJ Testimonial by Sandesh

As Ecstatic Dance DJ and facilitator I had the pleasure of collaborating a few times with Omananada as a Musician and a Sound Healer during sessions on the island of Koh Phangan - Thailand. The whole experience and so call "Journey" was raised by his musical touch, his presence, and his way to interact with the music I was playing. From the very beginning he was able to add more "depth" to the whole experience…

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My sense of smelling has been better-Marie Alette Sangnes Sønstebø (group session)

Thank you again for a beautiful session. I must tell you a funny thing: I’ve been worried a little the last few years I’m losing my sense of smelling: But at the sound healing the vibrations made my nose tickle incredible, and my smell got so strong I were able to smell everything: The stone, the crystal, the people, the cotton they were wearing. After my sense of smelling has been better. That’s what I…

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The greatest gift I’ve ever received is the DIDGERIDOO-Parker

I am forever grateful for my teacher Omananda  for giving me my first Didge and teaching me circular breathing. Since that day, I’ve begun to make my own Didgeridoos and passed on the knowledge to dozens of HUMANS ! The greatest gift I’ve ever received is the DIDGERIDOO! This ancient tool has ignited the FIRE of Creativity, Passion, and Purpose. My Vision is to create an Army of Didgeridoo warriors! (From: Listen to the following…

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