Something NOT A.I.?

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You know, it’s been fun composing stuff and blogposts with A.I., but what’s more fun is to transmit wisdom which is not only an accumulation of knowledge. Right? Or is all knowledge just an accumulation anyways? The enlightened ones know that all knowledge is instantaneously transmitted at the present moment. Can A.I. be programmed to be enlightened? And what does enlightenment really mean? It means a sort of death, a non-dual approach to life that happens in duality. Seems illogical? Yeah, yeah, I’m babbling, which takes time, and composing with A.I. does not. Plus, using A.I. spells grammatically correct. So, who has the time to write without A.I. today? I don’t, so does that mean this blog is on it’s end? Maybe… since the focus must be on that which is productive and has the most outreach, which brings me to the use of A.I. in promotion and marketing.

See ya…