Sera La Paz

This Aleia & Omananda Music Video was shot with drones on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.


Sera La Paz
Sera La Luz Sera el amor (2x)
Florecerá, la luz será

Aleia says, “🙏🏻🙌💙 Sharing this melody with all of you as a sacred offering to Mother Earth- to Avatar Grove (Canada BC). Resonating with this magical place, where life vibrates in wisdom with grandfather and grandmother’s trees; where all elements whisper waves of symphonies, where the ferries chant for peace in the world. A sacred place that needs to be protected, raising awareness of their value. Let’s take care of this sacred place.”

This is the story of how this video came to be:

One day, Omananda jumped in a car and drove from Sooke up towards the Jordan River until he came to the end of the road, where he found Port Renfrew. He went to the local pub since everything else seemed to be dead there, and this is where he met some locals, whom he asked if there was anything else besides the super good beer worth exploring around there that they could recommend. The bartender, a young woman from elsewhere who picked up the seasonal work, advised him to check out an ancient forest called Avatar Forest.

At the time, Omananda was living in Metchosin, a local community on Vancouver Island. Coincidentally, in the Metchosin monthly newspaper that he picked up, an article was published about Avatar Forest. The article spoke of a photographer from Metchosin who was also an activist and was directly responsible for saving Avatar Forest and the magnificent trees that still stand there today. JT was featured in the newspaper climbing a big tree—the only one left standing after loggers had ravished the land—in the area right next to another part that was also saved called Eden Forest.

Aleia, came to visit us at the beautiful house in the forest where we lived, and when I told her about that area I had found (I, as in Omananda writing this), we jumped in our friend’s Porsche SUV and started filming a music video with the intention of getting some attention to the preservation of all the ancient forests of the world. Canada was once upon a time a great presentation of that.

JT Watt’s website, which is taking drone shots of forests to protect trees from illegal logging activity in BC, is:

Aleia works with meditation and initiation by bringing people closer to what’s real, which is the essence of the heart.

The film was sponsored by UNIFY.

Music: Aleia
Video: Omananda

Thanks for this amazing work, everyone. Enjoy the music video and share it if you like it very much. We LOVE you.

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