Qi-Balancing Circles to Heal the Earth

Qi-Balancing Circles are portals where the individuals serve as vessels and the group becomes a magical cauldron to transmit cosmic (and divine) energy that channels into the Earth when called forth from source. Life-Energy Balancing Circles (here referred to as Qi-Balancing Circles) were held at the ancient Inca civilization’s site Machu Picchu (amongst others), says Vedic Seiersson – a Norwegian artist who claims to remember it from a memory he associates with a past life. Qi-Balancing Circles balance the forces of dark & light (aka Yin & Yang in Taoism) and participants become whole (again) as they harmonize and are pulled back into oneness, without physically dying or using mind-altering drugs.

Vedic Seiersson

Creating Qi-Balancing Circles all over the planet is very beneficial for all life on the Earth right now. It makes a lot of sense to replicate this powerful practice everywhere. Everyone needs all the help and healing so we can turn the tide together from stupor (fear) to supreme intelligence (love), from ignorance to bliss, and from mind-control to the freedom of the heart. The requirement is 12 compassionate individuals who meticulously follow the simple instructions below. 

Love = Who WE Are
  1. The Set Up: A minimum of 6 men and 6 women stand barefoot interlinked in a circle on the earth. Next to each man stands one woman. All men braid their fingers into those of the other men (on each side), holding it locked on the shoulders of the women. The ladies do the same with each other, but they interlock the fingers of both hands, holding them firmly on the lower backs of the gentleman.
  2. Rising in Love: Everyone begins by focusing on their heart (chakra) and brings back the strongest memory of love they have experienced. Visualizing the intention to send this loving energy into and through both hands amplifies the energy 3-fold. This should continue to be done until everyone is in harmonic balance. The group will naturally notice when harmony sets in. Then the energy-field will automatically move, rising up – to the crown chakra (top of the head).
  3. Focusing the Mind: The next step requires everyone to use the power of thought / intention to send the energy into the middle of the circle. When everyone is in balance with each other, a blue light column might appear in the exact middle of the circle – maybe not immediately the first time. It all depends on the strength of the energy of love and the intention to balance the state of the Earth for the better.

Sharing your experiences of holding Qi-Balancing Circles with your social groups and encouraging others to do the same will help to move us all forward towards our chosen destiny. We got to do more than waiting around for better times to come. They will only come when we commit individually to collectively awaken, and not a moment before that!

* We here at Omananda.com have a passion for personal transformation and spiritual healing. Use this powerful tool to step up YOUR game!