Preface from the new book


I’ve always been passionate about freedom. If growing up in East Germany (and escaping from it) or the various past lives I’ve lived had something to do with it, I don’t even know. What I do know is that we all eventually end up in the same place—where we came from. Eventually, we’ll all illuminate and self-realize. But there’s a way to speed up that process tremendously, and this book can be a quickener.

What it comes down to is the line of questioning that gets us the answers we secretly seek.

Oh, how did I wish when I was young to have had access to a concise manual on living that gave me the vital clues in order of priority on how to progress rapidly toward the creation of a meaningful life? They taught us a lot in school, but nothing about real life. I had to go out into the world and see for myself what life is all about. To a certain degree, we all have to do that. Nobody can explain the taste of sugar. We have to taste it to know it, and it’s the same with life and the enigma that lies beyond it.

However, humans have a herd mentality and always look for leaders who can guide them. Our species is also driven towards liberation from oppression, and the only way to truly be free is to figure it out yourself to be your own leader. I (Omananda) took the unusual approach of traveling around the world for thirty-two years, and I’ve understood that we must discover what’s true and what isn’t for ourselves and how to navigate the spacetime continuum so that we can move in a direction that aligns with our dreams and aspirations.

Today, we all live in the age of information overload. With the rise of AI and the exponential growth in consciousness, we don’t require more information. But we need the right type of information in an organized and simplified manner that moves us further on the path to liberation. And this is what this blueprint for total freedomis all about. 

The veil thins as the physical world merges with the interwoven web of cosmic information that exists beyond what we perceive with our ordinary senses. Ask, and you shall receive. Ask the right questions, and liberation is within your grasp; cease it when the opportunity arises. 

When we get more in touch with the spiritual aspects of ourselves, we become more like shamans and psychics who know how to tap into alternate dimensions and realities at will. There’s genius at work when conversing with cosmic intelligence.

Although the fruit will ripen on its own, some fruits ripen faster than others. It’s those that are exposed to the sun that taste and look better. The sun, in this case, metaphorically represents the golden-white light of the one source that creates everything. Those of us who are exposed to this divinity have a richer experience, a more vibrant taste, and a more abundant life.

It took me a lot of patience, trial and error, and making grave mistakes to arrive at the place where I am now. I’ve traveled a long time in this body on this planet, always gathering information and knowledge about how to free myself and others. But unless I was free, how could I teach that to anyone? I’d be a hypocrite. That’s why I kept on traveling, even through other dimensions than the earthly realm, where time and space are instant manifestations of the mind. It’s a lot faster to learn in those realms, and you can live a lifetime in an instant.

Navigating consciousness works similarly in the energetic realm as in the earthly dimension, so having access to a gap in time and space enables us to learn a lot faster than being stuck on one plane of existence, where it sometimes takes a lot of time to manifest a profound thought.

I consider myself blessed to have lived this exceptional life until now, capable of experiencing so many cultures and people in different circumstances that, all together, have taught me the unique perspective that developed from living life authentically and transcending it all. Yes, I can confidently say I accomplished my personal mission that is now aimed at helping the accomplishment of others by giving them a massive head-start with this blueprint. It’s up to you to study it right now. There’s no time to lose. 

Surely, we are all born with the drive to survive. All children have a burning desire to understand life, the unique position they hold in it, and their purpose, which is interlinked with their spiritual calling. Each of us was once a child, and we all carry the seed of liberation within us. It requires the right soil, the correct season, watering, nutrition, and sunlight for this seed to grow into a mighty tree. 

Use this blueprint just like water on that seed, and in this way, nurture your life’s journey in the best possible way. The seed of life inside of you and me is complete within itself. It contains the codes for liberation. This book that you started reading simplifies practices that mystics and scholars from any tradition can practice and apply. Scientific methods of psychology are embedded within it. Children who know how to read and elders can understand it and get great value out of it. Some of the homework tasks and practices can take minutes, hours, days, months, or even years. Just make sure you do them!  Otherwise, your effort to read this blueprint might be in vain.

I want to help anyone who’s curious find out what this calling might be for them and catalyze the revelation of what they carry within themselves. I wanted to create a concise and inspiring teaching in a prioritized manner to be accessible at any point in time for anyone, so here it is: Essential Principles on the Path to Liberation: A Blueprint for Total Freedom.


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