Potent antiviral effect of colloidal silver on SARS-CoV-2!

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In-vitro study shows potent antiviral effect of Colloidal Silver against Sars-CoV-2 – the virus that causes Covid 19.


It is our responsibility as conscious and compassionate human beings to do anything in our power to help save lives. When I took my oath as a nurse on graduation day in 1989 – yes, I am that wise – I swore to protect life. Every doctor and nurse does this when they graduate. So why then is nano-silver aka colloidal silver not more commonly used in medicine, in vaporizers, inhalers, nose-sprayers and for gargling, to treat this viral pandemic with cost-effective and readily available measures such as colloidal silver? At concentrations up to 10 ppm, CS is not even cytotoxic as this study clearly shows. Furthermore, CS has a long history of safely being used before medicine turned to antibiotics.

It is easy to make conclusions that are not necessarily scientific about the why’s of common sense being lost. It is said to follow the money and you will get to the source of the problem. But I am not interested in looking for the problem. I look at the solutions and personally, I would like to share the solution that helped me get over Covid (fast) when it had attacked me back in early 2020. I developed a strong fever with excruciating body pains and my lung being attacked like I had no reference to from earlier lung infections besides one time when I had pneumonia as a child – that was a life-threatening emergency. Taking a shot of strong 200 ppm colloidal silver finished the viral attack on my body at once. Taking a few more shots – one each hour – helped to seal the deal at the time. Thanks a lot to me for taking control of my health as best as possible.

I have seen stuff in hospitals where I have worked as a registered nurse. Although I did not practice nursing for 16 years, I carry an active professional registered nursing license in California and the EU. As a nurse you carry out the orders of the medical doctor. This means to deal out tons of pharmaceutical drugs that have toxic side effects. The idea in Western medicine is to kill the foreign invader with harsh methods, like radiation, surgery and pharmaceutical medication. The first response to viruses is vaccination, as a method of prevention. In many cases this can be very helpful to prevent debilitating and deadly disease. Some viruses have a nearly 100% mortality rate and others are so-called incurable (by Western Medicine).

For the herpes zoster family of viruses a vaccination exists! That is great news. My dad took it and he was protected from this virus that most people carry in their bodies. Unfortunately, his wife did not take the vaccination and after her second Pfitzer Covid jab she developed the painful and chronic condition as a result of something she can not put her fingers on. They are both suspicious that the Covid vaccination could have something to do with that. But who can prove that?

Rabies has a 100% mortality rate and a vaccination against it exists that does not prevent the disease, but it reduces mortality rate and gives an infected person more time to rush to a hospital for treatment that thankfully exists! But does it mean everyone needs to be vaccinated against Rabies? Only when we travel to a risk area might it become necessary. I, as a world traveler who has traveled consistently for nearly thirty years, have always neglected the Rabies shot. I was lucky not to be bitten or scratched by an infected animal (or human). Yellow Fever has a high mortality rate of over 60%, so traveling to a high risk area requires vaccination by law. You can enter Brazil without it, but not exit. This rule is in place to help limit the spread of the virus that travels through host bodies. Some diseases have been entirely brought under control with the help of vaccinations and there are even natural methods of vaccinating yourself by exposure to a weakened pathogen. But are these pathogens all bad and do we need to kill them, or do they have a message for us? 

In case of Covid, we should really ask the question what the message might be? Is it because we kill and eat animals that this virus is attacking us or that we overpopulate the planet – erasing habitats for wild animals and multiple species that are being extinct by our very expansion? Or is it because we are experimenting in laboratories with viruses for reasons of biological warfare and pharmaceutical product developments? I do not see these questions being discussed in the public space or on News media channels. In fact, when I observe politicians worldwide, I see a lot of fear. How can we make intelligent decisions with fear? The answer is, we can’t! The solution to the world wide dilemma is to open our hearts and minds to things that have proven effective and to understand the reasons – WHY?

We are told that the emergency-authorized vaccinations are highly effective against Covid, but how effective are they really? Iceland has the highest infection rate since the beginning of the Covid pandemic today! But 90% of the population is vaccinated there and in a couple of weeks we will see if mortality rates do not rise in Iceland – fingers crossed. Hopefully, the vaccine at least protects people from getting really sick, but what about long-term side effects of the experimental mRNA vaccines? Side effects won’t show ’til 3-5 years from now. I am personally cautious, although logically it would make sense to get the jab – as long as it really protects the person from being infected with a disease that has a 2-3% mortality rate and a 10% possibility of developing long-Covid. Nobody wants that! However, we can clearly see already, from places like Iceland, that Covid infection can not be prevented by vaccinations. (Iceland mostly used Astra-Zeneca, (which is not a mRNA vaccine).

The pandemic has killed half as many people worldwide in a year than people (used to) die annually from world-wide world hunger – just to put it into (one) perspective. (Note: from 2019-2020 the number of people starving has radically increased worldwide by 161 million due to the pandemic response, wars, and climate change.) Another perspective is to compare Covid with all diseases that kill people in America annually. Covid has conquered position number ONE, having bypassed all other conditions, including diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. But is this the only pandemic that plaques us at the moment?  

Genital Herpes has infected 50 million Americans. Worldwide the number is much higher and an estimated 3.7 billion are infected with the HVS1 virus – 66% of the world’s population! There are no vaccinations and the only protection against it is celibacy, not kissing and wearing condoms. Most people do have sex and our species loves kissing. Condoms get dropped after some time in any relationship, so viruses keep on spreading and vaccinations are still not available. Nobody talks about this uncomfortable topic. Mortality rates are low with HVS, but life-quality radically decreases for infected individuals who exhibit ongoing symptoms, so an effective vaccination would be an incredible solution! In the meanwhile, we might want to ask ourselves, “What are other solutions than vaccinating for viruses that attack us from multiple angels in various scenarios and positions?”

My simple answer is building strong and natural immunity through a combination of detoxification, proper nutrition, hydration, exercise, oxygenation and supplementation. Oxygenation comes from deep breathing that increases with moderate exercise, which requires good nutrition. Nutrition is a vast topic, but as a general rule, I prefer to eat as local, biological and wild as I can. I stick mostly to fresh fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and unprocessed foods. Vibrant clean water access is essential for proper hydration and detoxification. Clean air helps a lot. Nature restores our bodies bio-electric energy-circuits, especially when walking barefoot and sleeping outside, which I could do more of. Vitamin D generates through our skin’s exposure to sunlight – especially naked sunbathing! Supplementing it in dark winterish areas might make sense. Eating Vitamin C-containing veggies and fruits on a daily basis is a necessity for intact immunity. Probiotics and prebiotics are important for a healthy gut flora and then we have the adaptogens that increase immunity by supplying Beta-glucans. Furthermore, getting enough essential raw oils and essential proteins into our bodies is part of a complete diet. Staying away from refined sugars and carbs is crucial and so is eating enough fibers. Then there is colloidal silver as a first aid response that is not be neglected.

Vaccinating with toxic stuff and byproducts is mostly still a personal choice, but will that remain a choice in the future? The margin is getting smaller, but is it morally correct? And what will happen when the next pandemic dawns? And the next? Many Western nations push for mass-vaccinations, where people are not allowed to travel freely any longer, or going to restaurants, cultural events, etc. without being vaccinated. But there are exceptions to the rule, as Reuters News writes. Being Vegan is one. A person who follows a Vegan lifestyle abstains from using ANY animal products, such as honey, leather goods, or whatever has been used in animal trials, like vaccinations. So, a moral reason protects people from being force-vaccinated. Religious reasons are another cause for exceptions to mandatory vaccinations. Certain groups in France, like all medical personnel, must be vaccinated against Covid. If they don’t comply with the law, they will not be paid any longer or permitted to practice medicine, which would lead to homelessness, or having to change jobs. A doctor, however, who does not see it necessary to inject himself with an emergency-authorized vaccination – a pharmaceutical product that could potentially harm him – would have wasted his entire education by choosing for himself with the best of his knowledge! It does not seem right to me for politicians to impose such decisions on professionals in the field. Does it seem right to you? I am curious …