Omananda’s first painting Off-Planet painted in 1992

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Off-Planet painted in 1992

Interpretation by the artist:

In the very middle of the painting is a little brain that’s attached to a woman who lies sideways. Her red mouth points towards the sky, where a crescent moon is setting amongst stars. The moon represents the goddess. The gun shoots into the brain of the woman, which is part of the central brain of the huge head that’s level with the horizon. This symbolizes the assumption of patriarchal superiority and the violent suppression of the feminine that goes hand in hand with the rape of nature.
The gun emerging from the city that represents San Francisco shoots out squares of cero, which become the word “Chip”. The gun stands for masculinity, logic, and pressure. The bullet is pushed into the brain of the head, which forms the central image of the painting. That head is the planet Earth.
The eyes of the collective mind blinded by money are the expression of a crooked vision that is the current meme of contemporary Western (imperialistic) society. (Off-Planet was painted in 1992 in the USA, a place blinded by money-making mentality, capitalism, the extermination of indigenous cultures, and the enslavement of races.)
A huge road on the left of the little man in the middle, who’s trying to be number one, is coming towards the viewpoint of the observer (of the painting). It symbolizes speed—the speed of a fast-racing society. Too fast!
The clock shows the time after twelve, and it’s already too late to turn back the tide of destruction.
A factory blows out smoke on the right side of the painting that goes upwards towards the sky, and it carries angelical light-beings, loving hearts (intentions), and eyes (of awareness). All of it departs the planet towards the cosmos, or it could also evolve out of the industrial civilization and the madness—a future society! A ghostly being surrounded by yellow drops (of golden source light) holds the Earth in the upper right corner of the painting, the way it used to be—thriving, without homo sapiens killing it—in the Eden/Paradise dream-like (perfect) state. There are musical notes in that dream bubble, which could be the sound of the joyful celebration of life.
A red sky shows both a sunset and radiation. The ocean is green and full of algae, and the earth might not support life any longer the way it used to; only a hundred years have passed. The colors could show nature’s magic as well.

When I drew this painting, I had no idea what I was drawing, but once it was completed, I analyzed it. Many of my early paintings and drawings were made this way, by analyzing what was expressed as part of the psyche that sometimes tuned into collective consciousness, the Gaian’ mind, the cosmic, or whatever else was communicating through me, and of course, myself!
Obviously, my painting skills back then were not that great, but my vision was already clear. A magical world I didn’t even know existed had just opened and perhaps, the painting is the expression of what this magical world could look like – in that bubble departing that seriously twisted world-brain. 
So you see, there’s quite a bit of depth in that simple, visionary painting. In the distant future, other paintings might be part of an exhibition, and when you add yourself to the free newsletter, you’ll know about it first.