Beautiful Green Eyes

Oh Dear Beloved: Can you Hear My Calling?
To be Near You and to Feel the Warm Embrace

To hold You in my Arms – The place where You Belong
Your Heart beating Next to Mine

In Unison we Breathe – Ahhhhhh

The Vail between Yours and Mine
Dissolves in Ecstacy – Effortlessly

Bliss is All Apparent – It’s for All to See
Unified We are – as ONE – in Love

Forever – Oh how Wonderful this Feels  
To just Let Go and Free Flow

Up and Down and In and Out
Sometimes Silent, Sometimes Loud

Proud am I of You, who’s so Courageous
To Trust in Love and to Surrender

Letting go of All that is Not Real

So Sensible, so Loving and so Kind
Caring, Selfless, Devoted

The awakened Ones – not Blind

The Real In You that I can see
Is Beyond Anything Imaginable

To Breathe it and Give it
To Live it

But continuously Transcend it

When looking deep inside your
Beautiful Green Eyes
I easily get lost

To find Myself again

Entwined in Love
At the Source of All Creation

It’s a beginning less Sensation

Here and now – Enter Me
Experience Salvation

The Stars are our witness
Illuminating Darkness

Infinity for All to See
With Open Eyes and Hearts

Who has the courage to Fly into the Sun 
Also disappears to become One

At the Peak of the Endless Moment realized
The Ripening is meant to be Be

Yes – We create our Own Destiny

Awake and Fearless in Unity
Not haunted by the burden of the Past 
Or Dwelling on the Future

Feasting on Diving Nectar 
Bliss of the Eternal – Ambrosia of the Gods

In This Sacred Moment that is Now
Life Beyond the Known is found
Wild and overgrown
With unimaginable Beauty

A Celebration beyond Nation

Come and Dance with me
I’m here and now
For All to See

Hare Om Tat Sat, Hare Om,