Oct. 22nd Omananda Sound Therapy Session in Stavanger

Omananda invites you to experience the field of cosmic sound and emerge in it so you can center at the core of your star-being.

Profound changes often seem to happen to participants. Testimonials from previous Omananda sessions can be found here: https://www.omananda.com/testimonial-category/sound-healing

Omananda will host a sound therapy group session on Friday and he will be available to give private sound therapeutic sessions with a didgeridoo and other shamanistic tools in Stavanger from Friday, Oct 22nd until Sunday (2 days).

What is an Omananda Sound Therapeutic Session like? Check this link: https://www.omananda.com/vibrational-sound-therapy/

Both, private and group sessions are entirely donation based, with (cash-only – or gold) at the door. When you bring 2 people who are new to Omananda’s sound therapeutic sessions, you are not expected to leave a donation, but nobody is going to stop you if you do. Minimum donation (this time) = 450 NOK – for the group session. Since all Corona measures have been lifted (Thank God), we will allow as many people as we can comfortably fit on a first-come first-serve basis. By “we” I mean … us 🙂 However, we can’t fit an infinite amount of people into KG44 and you giving us a bleep to let us know you are coming would be great. Just message on FB or contact Omananda at his website. 

PS: There are going to be some surprises … in this session, but come without expectations. We’d love to welcome you, with love. 

Omananda & Co-llaborators

FB event: https://fb.me/e/1e5OEEhkT