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Buy Liquid Crystal Vision on DVD
Monday, 24 September 2012 20:24

After being sold out, the DVD is finally available again.

19.99 USD
Ships immediately!


Liquid Crystal Vision weaves a multicolored tapestry of dance, trance, mystical arts, and science on the digital loom of shamanic cybernetic consciousness. Just as deep as the symbol, so is its powerful message!

Watching Liquid Crystal Vision triggers a particular psychological response that unchains deeper inner truths. It hallucinatory sights and sounds catapult viewers into cosmic spheres.


29 USD
Ships immediately!


This 60 minutes wake-up call to the world reaches the public as a global peace prayer. It addresses as serious human rights issues the freedom to dance at trance parties and the right to get high.

Liquid Crystal Vision fuses the ancient and the future as it blends scenes of exotic places such as Angkor Wat, Goa, Laos, Japan, and others with superb graphics, sounds, performances, and channeled interviews.

"LCV" presents dancing as one of the means to initiate a far-reaching personal evolution. It contrasts control versus freedom. The impact of the mystical arts movement on planetary consciousness is highlighted during the 60 minutes play time.

Liquid Crystal Vision became an instant cult film amongst the global psychedelic scene and it makes an artistic and political statement that leaves a strong imprint on the audience.

This DVD comes with full surround & Dolby stereo sound. Atmos in Yokohama bay hall performing live is a bonus video, and music by Ocelot is part of the additional materials.

Find out more about the film and visit:


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