Welcome to Omananda.com. We believe in total liberation and the resulting freedom-lifestyle that’s possible through a 180 degree perspective shift *in awareness.

Omananda has traveled around the world for thirty years enjoying amazing places with the freedom-lifestyle of his choice while spiritually evolving every day.
Omananda empowers people to find their true calling and making a living from it too so they can live the life of their dreams as well.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Read Transcendental Journeys – a Visionary Quest for Freedom, the multimedia book by Omananda and watch Liquid Crystal Vision, an Omananda film.

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Sound Therapy

Liquid Crystal Vision
Screenshot of LIquid Crystal Vision – an Omananda Movie

Film Production

Image taken in Nepal on the Kathmandu Langtang Trek in 1996,
(where much of Omananda’s basic philosophical understanding was received).

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