Mystical Experiences are prerequisites​ for understanding reality

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Mystical experiences are prerequisites for understanding reality.

Without the experience that awakens the blissful, conscious memory of our essential core nature that reveals who we are and what life is all about, a person simply taps in the dark. Guessing with no foresight of the brilliant white light that penetrates all dimensions and realities equally is like trying to hit the jackpot by playing the lottery. Our lifetime ’til the game of life is over is very limited indeed, and the goal for understanding the reasons behind everything—of who we are, where we come from, why we are here, and where we are headed—is to know this present moment in its totality, which is to know thyself, aka ONE self.

All imaginary constructs of the mind are temporary illusions that can be very misleading in regard to finding the crucial answers that provide the solutions we require to live that happy life we so dearly desire, which might also be the secret key to living in all eternity.

Omananda, Oct. 30th 2020