My heart goes out to all the people who live in war

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The people I know from Israel are some of the most fun and loving people I know. My heart goes out to the people who live in Israel and all Jewish and Muslim people in the world. This weekend is sad for the entire world. In my visions, I have seen things unfold in the future, and what I see now is congruent with something much worse to come. I hope I’m very wrong on that. This is why we, the people of any nation, must do whatever we can to propagate world peace. Love is the ultimate medicine, but how do you love those who brutally murder your family? The Palestinian people know all about that. Killing is no solution to killing since it only brings more violence until one is left standing, perhaps, often heavily scared. But with the weaponry we have today, it’s at a point where there won’t be any winners. Pray, my friends, for peace and for common sense. The world needs it right now, more than ever. ❤️