Moving through indecisiveness and choosing from your heart

Not knowing what to do at any given moment is often the result of confusion. Confusion, on the other hand, is caused by not knowing who we are or what is real. 

I used to be so confused that I booked two flights, knowing well that one had to be canceled because I did not know where I wanted to go. Neither did I have a real purpose.

Purpose comes when we start to think bigger than ourselves, thinking for the whole and how to serve everyone in the best of all circumstances. The mind is in the field of the known only. Memory compartmentalizes the known. Deciding based on what we know hardly gets us the results we deserve or want. For that, we need to make the right decision. We need to think out of the box!

When there’s indecisiveness, it’s a certain sign of lack of presence. The physical presence of the heart. Feelings can also be confusing, especially when we are afraid of taking risks or of making the wrong decision. But making the right decision can be the difference between a life lived in harmony and abundance and one lived in poverty. 

Poverty is a lack of creativity, a failure to dream big enough to get out of a bad situation. I remember this moment when I was in San Francisco, coming out of Golden Gate Park. When I crossed the road, there was a homeless guy pushing a shopping cart across the street and a person in a Lamborghini letting him get through. When they made eye contact, I was thinking to myself, “All you have to know is the right people,” and in America, this is more apparent than elsewhere.

I reflected on whom I know and where I am in my life, and where I want to go. I certainly prefer to be the Lamborghini guy than push shopping carts around. 

Some of our decisions are life-changing! So, we better take the time to make the right decision, and the best decisions are aligned with our soul mission, which is our real purpose. To tune into the heart of the moment is crucial for understanding what must be done, not what can be done. Why does nobody find a solution for homeless people, you might ask. The answer is simple but it’s cruel. It’s not profitable! When we don’t make profit our main purpose for living on this planet, we have a chance to change something in society. Without money, however, nothing much changes on a larger scale at this point in time. It says in the bible (not that I’m fond of that book) God helps those who help themselves. It’s like putting the oxygen mask on in the airplane before you can help your dependents, your loved ones, your family, all earthlings. It begins with the right decision in the here and now, understanding your trajectory well, and moving ahead, with God-speed.