Advanced problem-solving technique for interpersonal relationships simplified

My partner and I discovered an advanced problem-solving technique for interpersonal relationships that can give couples a huge advantage as it carries them across the river of separation. When practiced with your partner, it can lead to a happy and fruitful long-term romantic life. If you keep on getting into cat fights with your life partner, your friends, or family members, you can change the course of your life by taking the time to practice this advanced problem-solving technique in interpersonal relationships.

Separation is our worst enemy because it creates anxiety, fear, anger, and (dis)stress, but the remedy and solution are always readily available and connect us with the source of all being and each other. The answer and solution are always love, which leads to the joyful life we all want. But how many times do we crave love from others? Our parents are the first source of this love, but they are not perfect, and we get hurt when we do not get the love we need. We all thrive on love, and without love, we wither away, get depressed, destructive, hopeless, co-dependent, suicidal, develop addictive behaviors, or all of the above. However, it is possible to tap into a limitless source of love that’s present within us all. The question is, How do we do that? The following prerequisite of this advanced problem-solving technique for interpersonal relationships serves as the foundation:

It takes two to tangle, and there are two aspects to most partnerships. People can generate or degenerate. To generate love, each person has to vibe with and at this high, natural frequency. So, every single time, before coming together with your sweetheart, take a little breather—a moment that individually centers you both in the core of who you truly are. Ground in the heart space and intent to experience reality together.

The first key to this advanced problem-solving technique for interpersonal relationships is to observe the lack of awareness (in oneself) and relax—fall back—into the natural state (of unconditional love) so that one can be carried by it, like a surfer on a wave. Do not focus on your partner when you practice this. Focus on yourself instead. The second key is to love without fear! This translates into faith, which means to believe in the good and project (visualize) it too, penetrating the illusion of separation. Doubt is in question when someone has faith! The third key is to know and embody that love is the most powerful energy in the entire cosmos. Love is the only real, everlasting, eternal principle. Henceforth the saying, God is Love! In sound therapy and words like Allah, Jashuah, Ahmen, or AUM, the letter A—the sound of the heart chakra—takes a primary role. Implementing those three keys is not that hard when there is an agreement to do it between partners, especially when each person is committed to focusing on themselves rather than pointing fingers. To connect to your authentic nature, simply reverse-engineer those three steps.

The final and fourth principle of this advanced problem-solving technique in interpersonal relationships comes from the inspiration of my highly evolved friends, Brad and Elizabeth, whom I met during my time in San Francisco. When they had energetic imbalances to resolve, they preferred to go to the top of a mountain (their sacred spot), where they meditated as long as needed, connecting to the sky, the earth, and each other. They observed their thoughts silently and peacefully. Many options (if not all) were contemplated in that quiet space, which gave them insight—also into the other person’s point of view. Once rebalanced, they naturally fell back into harmony and oneness with one another and the cosmos. Then they could come back to their loving and caring lives without talking about what they might have realized individually. As a result of practicing this advanced problem-solving technique in interpersonal relationships, they understood and trusted each other. Brad and Elizabeth have learned to telepathically communicate, and this has saved them a lot of time and resolved potential ugly arguments. It gave them quality time to focus on what really matters, which is to live an amazing life. Brad and Elizabeth spent decades with each other, happily raising beautiful children, and they are proof this method really works.

When a pebble is thrown into a pond, one has to patiently wait until the ripples subside and the water is crystal clear again.

So now you know how to practice this advanced problem-solving technique in interpersonal relationships. It might help you experience a happier and healthier partnership. Please be patient with yourselves. Nobody is perfect. Certainly not me (or us). But progressing slowly, one step at a time, and being willing to do so is what life is all about. Yes, sometimes we make leaps and move from crawling to walking, or from being totally asleep to being fully awake. It takes daily practice, though, to move us towards where, or who, we aspire to be.

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