July 15th, Next Sound Therapeutic Session

The summer solstice has passed (already) and chronological time is ticking rapidly towards the inevitable transition that none of us will be able to avoid or predict. But the cycles of life, like the solstices and seasons, moon cycles, eclipses, solar years, and equinoxes are all part of life here on this wonderful planet Earth. Just like the ebb and the flow, summer and winter, life, death, and birth constantly create the seemingly everlasting change we call life. We travel around the sun like this, year after year, getting older and hopefully wiser, moving towards our goals if we have defined them properly, and we might be born again and again until we get it and ascend to the next level. But what might that look like? The questions we probably should be asking is, “Are we truly prepared to meet our maker and face our destiny? Are we ready to embrace our full potential as authentic human beings so that we can live harmoniously with each other in peace and embrace who we are truly (meant to be)” – a cosmic being?

Would you like to be showered with LOVE and served a spoonful of grace from the divine soup of cosmic consciousness? If you want to experience an extraordinary insightful and transformational, sound healing journey, Omananda and Ankha are prepared to take you into the next level. Both have had the feedback from previous session-attendees who strongly felt they make a powerful team by embodying the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Through their combined sound ceremonial magic they can create deeply moving and loving, healing transmissions for those who feel called to attend – on July 15th, at 18:00 in a Stavanger location.

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This event is by private invitation only. If you, or any of your friends, are interested in attending our live sessions, coaching or training programs, please have them contact us and we will be in touch ❤

With love, Anka & Omananda