Join this! Global meditation on 22.02.2022

A number of organizations around the world are gathering for a Global Meditation on 222.02.2022. With full hearts, we humbly invite you to join and unify at 2.22pm PT.
There are so many of us who feel an urgency to come together in love, safety, clarity, coherence, and peace during these times. This moment could be the perfect opportunity for us to awaken to the truth of who we really are and what is possible together through unity and love.
Register for 2.22.2022 GLOBAL MEDITATION  here
Science has shown that when a collective group of people take a moment to meditate together with intention, healing can occur, violence can be reduced, and a calm state of peace can emerge.
The world is certainly ready for a collective reconnection.  Let us join together, with intention, in a wave of light around the world and pave the way for the new that is to come. We hope to create a ripple of peace, love, harmony, and unity across our shared planet.
9am PT: 
Opening Ceremony and World Peace Meditation from Ukraine 

10am PT: 
Musical Meditation from the Texas State Capital

11:30am PT:
Sacred Prayers of 22 Women of the Earth

12:30pm PT:
Resonance Hour and the Unified Field

2:00pm PT:
Global Synchronized Peace Meditation Hosted by the Brahma Kumaris

3:30pm PT:
Resonance Science Secret Reveal

6:22pm PT:
Breathe 22222: Global Meditation and Closing Ceremony from Hawaii
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Register for the Global Peace Meditation  here
May Divine Light prevail in our world and may we all feel the wave of something GREATER than all of us yet ever-present in ALL of us!

Sending you light and love!
-your UNIFY family