Isn’t Going to Mars Madness?

Sure, going to Mars and fulfilling your Billionaires wet dream of becoming the emperor of a planet might make your dreams come true, but what’s really behind the ambition to burn shitloads of cash (or crypto) in the effort to make it to the nearest planet and base-camp in a hostile atmosphere?

Isn’t going to Mars madness? A planet with hardly any water, life, or enough oxygen for us to breathe. But okay; MINERALS to mine = MONEY!!! (I get it.) NOT! Having a heart or any brains for that matter would move going to Mars to a much lower priority. Instead, saving LIFE on EARTH – D-A-H! I’m sure Mr. Musk and others like him know this well. But why are they driven to drive spaceships to Mars? Are we doomed here on Earth. I’d say we are unless we develop one essential principle that is innate to us human beings, but it requires cultivation and education.

As if Africa is not hot enough already? BUT the continent has been plundered of it’s minerals so nothing else but starving people? That is not a very profitable prospect, or is it? Might as well add it to the desertification of the rest of the heated Earth, which by the way is far less hot than Mars!

What permaculture gardens could we build if we had unlimited resources and what irrigation systems could we put into place to water fruit forests where animals and humans could thrive – not only in the Western World ?!!! And we have unlimited resources, but they are not directed correctly (yet). So here, we need an adjustment – and soon!

I see two options in that regard, and surely there are many more when ordinary people start to think for themselves:

  1. = Violent (revolutionary) redirecting resources from the hands of a few to benefit the wellbeing of all sentient beings on Earth. However, that is not the preferred option, since an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind and we already tried this in the Communist revolution that miserably failed.
  2. = Have those with access to most resources wake up rather quick to implement common sense when realizing that compassion and empathy (love in action) is what really matters most. I pray for number two …
  3. = One more just came up … a new value system that values LIFE over capital profit. That can be implemented by law, but without the shift in consciousness, nothing is going to change for the better, which brings us to the next thought … what changes our consciousness to a level of COSMIC/all-embracing and non-dividing?

Stay tuned on that one here … there is more coming in regard to that, but for now, take a deep breath and relax into the core-essence of your being(ness).

With love, Omananda