My strong business side

Omananda aka Torsten E. Klimmer expresses himself as an artist and producer, but he also realized that marketing his creations is of crucial importance. Thus, he began studying business, marketing, promotion, communication, and operational systems that allow for seamless expression through computer networks that are accessible anywhere at any time. He quickly learned that automated processes reduce the workload and ultimately save time, money, employment force, and headaches. If you can make three dollars out of one and scale that through digital automations, you are out of the woods, meaning you don’t have to be a slave-employee any longer and can join the entrepreneurial world, which is very exciting! It sounds easy? But it is not! First of all, three dollars to one ratio won’t do the job, because you have to calculate in taxes!

Omananda realized he has a gift, which is to see what others often can’t. Given his background of having lived in many different countries and realities while traveling around the world for more than three decades and studying business and spirituality and implementing / living that, he naturally began consulting and coaching which has become part of his business strategy.

Torsten graduated from the following programs (with Cumlaude):

  • T. Harv Eker: Millionaire Minds Intensive (In Las Vegas), and various of his online courses.
  • Jesse Eker (Harv’s son) – his signature program.
  • Tony Robbins (who hasn’t studied with him?) – UPW & various online programs and masterminds.
  • Coaching Programs with Michael Burt.
  • Grant Cardone: The Unbreakable Challenge.
  • Dean Graziosi & TR (DPS & Project Next – Mastermind).
  • Mark Lack: Experts Agency & his signature program.
  • Entrenation (full program).
He also developed, created, co-founded, or collaborated with organizations, businesses, and people such as:
  • Geomagnetic Label Group which became the best selling electronic music label on Apple music (co-founded)
  • Liquid Crystal Vision (owned by Omananda Ventures LLC) published in 2002
  • William Rood (animator and film-collaborator)
  • Unify (meditation and impact platform) co-founded
  • Singularity Group – Investments
  • Centro Nierika (helped to develop / film work)
  • Burning Man (art and film)
  • Jah Levi (film work)
  • Ontrasoft (owned by Omananda Ventures LLC)
  • Pyramid Yoga Center (events-production)
  • Greta Grondahl (co-productions)
  • Patrice Hubert (photographic work)
  • Alex Grey (networking and film work)
  • Amanda Sage (film)
  • Famous US-patented Smiley Face Wooden Massage Tool: Omananda helped to build the company in the early nineties
  • Wirikuta Defense Front (environmental activism): Film Work that helped to push out billion dollar mining companies and protect sacred land in Mexico.
  • SriVast (photographic & film work)
  • Dhammakaya Foundation (film & networking)
  • Maps (psychedelic research) – film work
  • Boom Festival (most sustainable ecologically transformational art and music festival of Europe) – visionary and film work
  • Gaia Media Foundation (psychedelic research) – collaboration
  • Equinox Productions (Japan) visionary work
  • Earthdance (film work)
There are plenty of other references not mentioned here. If you like joint ventures, collaborations on media and strategy, help with your projects, and learning how to build and scaled your business, feel free to get in touch with Use the contact portal & check out Ontrasoft!

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