How to Free Yourself

When you think you know nothing, it does not have to be confusing, as long as you know who you are. To be or not to be is really one of the most fundamental and philosophical questions that could be answered individually only through beingness, meaning to be fully present and aware/awake in the here and now, aka nowhere. But how do we define the center of infinity and eternity? Is it possible to conceptualize or actualize what’s not definable? I believe only through graceful and divine everlasting presence can one truly know what’s real and, as a result, grow into being more loving.

What’s the point of thinking about anything if there’s no practical application? During philosophical contemplation like this, I always ask, How can this be done? What practices and methods exist to tap into the unknown? How to go beyond what’s known in the mind or memory and access cosmic intelligence as the guiding principle directing all actions from a proactive state versus being reactionary (to the dualistic play of Leela in the ever-changing Maya)

Oh, how lustful it can be to be engaged in polar play until one day, when all fades away and everything goes astray. Bodies age, and eventually death has its final say! But the deathless realm is also birthless. Not being born might sound boring to those who are unaware of what lies beyond the imaginary realm, which has “us” as in “me” at the center (of infinity). Most people on this planet right now exist separated from the whole within a seeming individuality that judges everything according to conditioning that results from psychological programming. But true freedom comes from the Great Awakening that is generally induced through the grace of the Guru, which is an inner and/or outer activating principle—spirituality at play!

Surely, anyone can have access to divine intelligence by simply trusting. Fear not. It’s a conundrum, though, just like fear and imagination are—they feed off each other. When we believe, we will know, and once we know, we will believe. But without belief, there’s no knowing, and without knowing, there’s no belief. Knowing what? Who I truly am! Who are you? Hint: If it’s definable, it cannot be the authentic “you”.

Because the world needs every single one of us now, awake, I share those poetic words of wisdom with you from the space of I and I. May this spark of inspiration ignite a spiritual flame and illuminate all that is not real.

With much love, Omananda