How to Access Love amidst Confusion + Crisis?

Guilty are those who point fingers at the (contemporary) underprivileged. Wise are the authentic human beings who have found the key to the unity puzzle and mastered the ability to look deep within themselves. Of course, the principle key found within oneself is love, but how do we access love in the midst of confusion, turmoil, crisis, oppression, judgment, war, pandemics, and abuse?

In the Western world, we have not had a full-blown war since World War II, but there have been many full-blown wars since 1945. Nearly a quarter of the population was brutally murdered and tortured by the Communist Khmer Rouge. In Cambodia between 1975 and 1979. During mass killings between 1965 and 1966, Communists, women, and ethnic groups in Indonesia were heavily decimated (killed) with the support of the USA and other Western nations. In Vietnam, half of the people who died during the war were civilians. There was El Salvador, Guatemala, Cuba, and the drug war in Colombia, not to mention Africa or Mexico! Combining Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, we have millions of casualties. Oh yeah, Stalin managed to decimate the Russian population by a staggering 20 million. I could go on and on. Please forgive me if I forgot your people’s genocide (Malaysia, Amazon, Kosovo).

In my humble opinion as a three-decade world traveler, international weapons sales still being legal is a major criminal offense against humanity. According to the Cato Institute, the United States has sold more than $197 billion worth of major conventional weapons and related military support to 167 nations. President Donald Trump is speeding up arms deals at a record pace, potentially creating hundreds of billions of dollars worth of sales. European countries, Russia, and China sell tons of weapons too. What’s the justification? Nations need to defend themselves. That’s a bad joke! It’s very profitable—that’s the obvious reason, which should be outdated in 2021 when quantum physics tells us our intentions literally effect and create reality. More weapon production and sales equal more wars. No Einstein is needed to compute that! How can everyone morally accept profiting from killing, decimating, and exploiting nature? When looking at history, people have always judged people harshly. How do we stop acting out of the survival brain—the ego—and access love amidst total chaos? The chaos of the current global (spoken-of) pandemic has created 165 million more people living below the poverty line, which means they do not have enough food to live. That number is steeply and sadly increasing.

Life transforms the moment we are guided by cosmic consciousness & LOVE.

The shift is simple, but changing our intentions is not. Where we go depends on our focus. But how do we focus on something we don’t even know exists? Take the divine, for example. If one does not have a personal and direct experience that creates a memory of the divine, how can this person focus on it? If some enlightened master talks about it over and over again, which some do, we might believe it, but we do not fully know it as an embodiment unless we have been touched by the divine and are fully awakened as a result of it. Or, if someone told you there were aliens on Earth, would you believe them before you met those extraterrestrials? Probably not, but you might wonder about it. When there’s doubt, we do not fully believe. Without fully believing, we cannot trust. How can we trust in the process of spiritual awakening on global levels when the news tells us (if we read, watch, and listen to it) what shitstorm is hitting next? I personally love to gaze at the sun to get news from the cosmos through the star. How about you?

An important question we should ask ourselves is, Can we personally reference a direct experience of having been touched and ultimately changed by something that we did not know existed?” Quite a few people speculate a lot, trying to understand life with the mind and neglecting the feelings in the heart. Divine love, or life itself, simply can’t be explained in numbers, formulas, or words. It must be experienced to be fully understood. That’s why we incarnated in the first place. Most generic scientists largely use the mind to explore the unknown, selecting logic over common sense. But the heart knows. Gnosis is in the heart, and so is love. A continuous flow of life energy and vibration exchanges information constantly. Source communicates through every aspect of life, just like ripples in an intricate multidimensional web reaching far and wide, also through you and me. We are made of the stuff that stars are made of, and we are all like droplets in an endless ocean that’s filled with sacred geometry and tiny torus shapes—the building blocks of life.

Fear can protect and fear can destroy—the possibility of exploring something new by having or not having the courage to try again and again until we access love and compassion through the heart without seeking logical explanations by simply trusting the process of living life. Imagine a person who has had the experience of being disappointed by someone who has hurt them by either cheating, lying, stealing (inventions, products, personal items, or ideas), or psychological and physical abuse. This all hurts, sometimes a lot. Imagine war and bombs dropping on you and your loved ones. My grandparents experienced this in Dresden when allied bombers devastated this once upon a time beautiful Barroc town. Many of us are traumatized by life, and we start to live out our trauma, dragging the past into the present moment and overwriting what is actually happening. Looking at life through such a traumatic lens and being wired by millions of years of evolution to not be eaten by the saber-tooth tiger, we constantly and paranoidly watch out for what could hurt and kill us. We imagine the worst that could happen at any given moment. In German, we call this painting the devil on the wall. Irrational fears are the actual danger that creates constant stress and agitation, which puts us into raw survival mode and is easy to manipulate and control. The potential danger we imagine is actually not dangerous at all. In fact, it’s not real! It’s imaginary. The authorities in all cultures have used methods of inducing more fear to control the minds of the masses to get their point across—to rule! That point was and is not always in the best interest of everyone. But not until we are all fully conscious, awake, and aware of what’s really going on will we be free of oppression!

Our future is created through our dreaming capacity of the imagination. We all create a vision from the images, sounds, and smells we perceive in our mind’s eye that is connected to our body through a myriad of vibratory frequencies and biochemical processes. What we perceive with our physical senses creates an image of the world in our mind. This vision in the imagination—life, the way we perceive it—is but a dream. How we interpret this imaginary perception of what we commonly agree to call “reality” depends on our past, which is nothing more than a compartmentalized memory of previously analyzed processes. So, how can we create a different future, a future that is not based on fear, worry, frustration, anxiety, or the past? A future filled with love, freedom, compassion, abundance, supreme happiness, awareness, and joy? When we are constantly aware of our internal processes in the present, everlasting moment, we can begin to change our future and the future of the planetary civilization. But it all starts with our minds. Milarepa knew and taught about this.

Where we direct our intention is key! Outside, or inside? The future, the present, the past, or all of it at once? The brain, the heart, or both? The answers to those questions are found within the self. By asking intelligently, we already receive the correct answers. When we begin to investigate through a meditative process, we automatically start to listen to what some refer to as the intuitive guidance systemGod, or the self. Implementing what we know by heart in our every day and every moment of life helps shift the general focus from fear towards love. This simple shift can make all the difference in the world. Profound results might follow. But are fear and love like opposite poles of a magnetic field, or hot and cold on a temperature scale? Love does not have an opposite, but fear does. Fear exists in duality, and true love exists in unity. Fear is equal to the illusion of separation, and love is oneness.

Did you ever wonder why people filled the stadiums and cheered in Rome when the Christians were fed to the wildebeests? Why did the common folk in Germany single out the Jews, who were often isolated and exterminated, but the same people claimed to not have known of their horrific fate? How about the Native Americans, who experienced five times the size of the Jewish holocaust, which was committed at the hands of the European invaders? The Aborigines were hunted and slaughtered like animals for AU $5 per head that the Australian government paid on delivery of each chopped head to the Australians. Human history goes on and on like this, and I don’t have to go on about it here for you to get the point. Yes, we are all responsible for letting it happen by keeping our mouths shut and our hearts and eyes closed. When she said to the hot dog vendor, “Make me one with everything”, it suddenly clicked for them, and they became lovers of life and vegetarians.

Not until the people stop acting on behalf of the ruling party is history going to repeat itself over and over again, especially in times of COVID! And we are the people who have a responsibility to awaken and live up to the truth! The truth shall set us free! The urgent change we need to create in the world is a shift from separation, fear, anger, frustration, and hatred towards empathy, sisterhood, love, compassion, and unity. Embodying empathy and compassion are direct responses to an ever-expanding vision, from personal to cosmic.

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