Happy Solstice World Spirit Day

We wish you a Happy Solstice and World Spirit Day for this incredible year – 2020. How wild has it been? And for those who don’t believe that change is happening, think again! Change is all there is. The question is, how and into what do we (want to) change? It usually depends on how we imagine the world to be. I like John Lennon’s imagine and not Orwell’s 1984.

I imagine the world to be an abundant paradise, full of kindness and caring people, with permaculture gardens, happy children and thriving life forms everywhere, of healthy creatures who are firmly based in compassion and rooted in the reality of their loving hearts.

Yes, it’s been an incredible year for me. It started in Thailand in the pyramid yoga center with a beautiful community of people who love to dance and play and creatively enjoy life in paradise. Then, I traveled via Norway to Panama where I went to the most amazing beaches I had ever seen. After that, lock-down happened and I was blessed with a beautiful place and infinite amounts of mangos I picked from trees during the three and a half month I could not freely go out. However, I was not distracted from online work I had to complete and learned to play the flute, a lovely addition to the didgeridoo I’ve been playing since 27 years already.

Then I flew to Germany via Amsterdam and visited Berlin and Naumburg. AFter I saw my parents I flew to Norway, where nobody was wearing masks. What a relief! I stayed a few month in this most incredible country and experienced the summer there, which is a phenomenon in Norway. I went back to Germany and traveled via Sweden again to Norway where I am right now, on my way to Olso, to celebrate the winter solstice with the Oslo tribe. We’ll be making a sacred fire and meditate by the Oslo fjord. We’ll sing and dance and celebrate the return of the light, which in this year is metaphorical and actual, part of an expanding and cosmic fractal. What’s coming soon is nothing less from phenomenal.

If you’d like to connect with others around the world to make sacred prayers, light fires and candles, you can do that by tuning into the FREE broadcast of Unify. We’ve created some amazing content and the live stream will be full of gems transmitted from around the world during moments of sunrise – similarly as we did in 2012 when we launched the biggest synchronized world wide meditation in the Guinness Book of Records. Unify has become what it has mostly due to Adil Kassam who has tirelessly devoted his life to the maintenance, funding and developing of this non-profit organization and to team-building. We have reached millions around the world with the simple message of “World Peace through Inner Peace.” And we are going to reach billions! I am so humbled to be able to help the propagation of Unify in the way I can and I’m honored to be the International Director of Unify.

So, I wish everyone a very happy, prosperous and transformational 2021. Stay happy and healthy and keep the smiles … and the sacred vision alive and naturally high and loving. There are levels of consciousness that transcend time, space, and thought. Remember that! Remember yourself.

If you’d like to come to any the sound therapeutic sessions I’m holding, have a look at the news area of Omananda.com and add yourself to the mailing list.

With love, Omananda

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