Graves are for the Living

Graves are for the living, to mourn those who have passed away, or to celebrate life. It is up to each and every one of us to choose how we process life and death.The fear of dying has made many of us afraid of living, not taking the risk to be fully alive. Valuing all life as sacred, especially all sentient beings, helps anyone to release that fear of dying, although many enlightened masters became enlightened because of a close encounter with death. Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, Osho, and many others had spiritual awakenings that started them on a life-long quest to live life at their highest potential! The labyrinth experience started me on mine. 

I recently visited a grave where I was reminded of a recurring dream I had when I was much younger. In the dream, I felt at home on a mountain. I crawled through a tiny crack to enter a cave where I found a skeleton. I interpreted the corpse in this dream, I have not had for at least fifteen years, to be my body in a past life. Reincarnation, is that really possible? A soul passing from body to body? My concept of reality was severely challenged by this dream I did not understand at the time. I grew up with and was taught a materialistic worldview where matter was not cosmic energy. 

By not being aware of the bigger picture, we have created a civilization with a Death (fear) Culture. What a pity that we kill everything that we think threatens us and in the process threaten everything else, even our own existence! Like space-invaders, we destroy habitats for all kinds of animal and plant species, on the land and in the oceans, ruthlessly expanding and replacing great nature reservoirs. With big machines, using GMO crops, we transform biodiverse ecosystems like the Amazon jungle using killer-technology while growing food for profit. As a byproduct of this collective chemical, genetic and radical extinction program, bees and other insects are exterminated at an alarming pace. The resulting low-quality nutrition is fed to tortuted animals that are killed en masse and chopped into pieces of cows, pigs, and chickens, which are packaged in plastic and sold cheaply in supermarkets worldwide. The majority of not-so-conscious consumers stuff themselves with this compiled energetic sadness. What good (feeling) shall come from this? I know it’s not very inspiring writing about it, but it has to be mentioned! It is part of our death-culture!

Have you had any unusual psychic experiences lately where you felt you have made contact with the “other side” (of life) that is really a part of the circle of life? To make it more simple, have you felt what’s going on on this planet, what we do to our Earth and to each other? If any part of an empathic feeling is rising within you, don’t suppress it! Ask where it comes from. Many people have indeed made contact or they have been contacted. But feeding on sadness and being poisoned in the process does not leave much space for psychic energy centers to be opened. Yes! Prayers are an interesting form of making contact with what many are conditioned to believe exists outside themselves – the world of the Spirit, our ancestors, God. Graves are for the living, since all living beings will cross over at this final destination.

The outside of course is only separated when we separate ourselves from the rest of creation and in this way, we feel isolated, divided, and not whole. Divide and conquer means to divide the individual from the source of all creation. Fearing life is to fear our (material) death. Only when we are separated by having created an individual identity inside our imaginary minds can we fear the death of the ego-self. But as cosmic energy, we have shifted from a material to a spiritual perspective. We are indeed indestructible and all-powerful (creators). In the circle of life, death and life are part of the same one life cycle. It’s just like winter and summer, or day and night. Death is nothing to fear and the world changes from Death Culture to Life Culture – from fear to love – and paradise instead of hell when we collectively move from separation (anxiety) to unity consciousness, ultimately abiding in a humming silence, observing life as ONE and acting in service with a greater purpose than thinking just for ourselves. 

Consciousness, love, and navigating cosmic energy is key to transforming life into a loving and graceful direction. When we all share and care for our resources – our mothership, the Earth – we also understand how to live in abundance and thrive! The key to succeed in the game of life is to not get lost in the play, for when we lose the perspective that often refreshes with a near-death experience that naturally resets our preferences of what’s important and what is not, we also lose the vision of compassion and empathy and start to fear for our lives. Being connected is very important and disconnecting is so unpleasant and upsetting that it leads to suffering and a painful death.

Love is the glue that holds the world together and it is said that God is love and love is the truth. Coming back into love and acting lovingly by being guided with love helps to stay connected in the field of love. Consciousness is awareness. In Western terminology, consciousness can be unconscious, ordinary consciousness and higher consciousness, but in the Indian language (Hindi) all is conscious(ness). The fabric of life is made of tiny little torus shapes – the building blocks of life. Quantum physics is just getting the hang of it, but ancient mystics knew it for eons already. 

Graves are for the living, or are they not? For those who truly live, dying is not the end and regret not an option. For those who have lived their dream, they are fortunate indeed. And I believe in life before death! Graves are for the living and not for those who have passed already, although the recently deceased might still be lingering in a transitional realm the Tibetans call the bardo. Postmortem attachments to physical objects, like relatives, living places, and their cold bodies, might be possible, especially if spirits and souls exist. In India there is a saying, “anything is possible”. 

I always thought however, as a child, that to die is a great blessing so that someone else can experience this amazing life as well. Of course as a child I did not know that there is a lot of space in space and that one soul does not have to go away for another to be incarnated, since just like angelic beings, we can come in countless numbers. 

Our life-purpose – yours – what might it be? To unravel and discover the true meaning for living life fully and to love life, to give, to share our abundance with the world. Isn’t that such a relief from living in fear (of dying), or not having enough (love), or struggling to just survive, or making ends meet? Maybe you say, “I’m not afraid of dying”. I said that once before the grim reaper came to harvest my soul. Read about this story here. I realized then that I was not yet ready, because there’s work to do, helping others to cross over while being alive and waking up to the truth of life – that we are all connected!