Global Meditation on Solstice

It’s been 8 years since the launch of in San Francisco – our first webcast. A lot has happened. In 2012, many people laughed, saying nothing is going to change, but look at how the world has changed! Apparently, we are right in the middle of a huge transformation that our planet is going through at this moment. Synchronized moments of meditations with world wide participation is key to speeding up transformation and to support the elevation of consciousness. You can join in your local community with your sacred technologies and participate and be inspired by the live webcast of that’s accessible at www.fb/unify.

Omananda has worked with Unify from the start and he is the International Director of this non-profit organization, which has created the biggest synchronized world wide meditation in the history of humanity, together with Deepak Chopra. During this solstice many sacred fires will be lit as part of a Global Synchronized Fire Ceremony which has been inspired by the founder of Dammanhur – the incredibly inspiring community in Italy.

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