Transcendental Journeys, A visionary quest for freedom (Omananda)

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It took Omananda three years to write this book and thirty years traveling around the world to collect the stories in it. So, you can imagine the value it contains. It's a wild ride & adventure.

Benefit #1: Learn what it takes to free yourself completely and go on a wild and entertaining ride that takes you around the world and through worlds you didn't even know exist.
Benefit #2: You'll understand psychedelics without having to take them. This book is like a simulation of a trip for people who will get a great understanding of how deeply entheogenic mind-altering drugs can change a person's perspective and what can be learned through the experimentation with these plants. It's safe to read about it.
Benefit #3: Poetic expressions from deeper mystical states appear increasingly as you move forward in the story.
Benefit #4: Practices and methods that you can implement in your life that help you stay connected to what's real are part of this book.

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