Transcendental Journeys, A visionary quest for freedom (Omananda)

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Understand how it feels to trip without tripping. As much as a simulation it could be to be flying on magic mushrooms and having a mystical experience without taking them, this is how this book reads, apart from it being a wild adventure that is not fiction, although it has elements of prophetic fiction in it that's based on pure vision.

Benefit #1: Go on a wild and entertaining ride that takes you around the world and through other worlds you didn't even know existed.
Benefit #2: Understand psychedelics without having to take them.
Benefit #3: Read poetic expressions of deeper mystical states.
Benefit #4: Practices and methods that you can implement in your life that help you stay connected to what's real are part of this book.
Benefit #5: A detailed plan on how to decriminalize and make psychedelics part of our contemporary culture finalizes this book, which reads partially like a court case presented with common sense and an attitude of freedom.

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