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The call for awakening has to come from within yourself. Nobody can set you free but you. There’s no map to follow, but many well-known masters have had their spiritual awakenings after a close encounter with death. All people see their cards on the table at their moment of death, when it is often too late to implement crucial changes that would allow one to manifest their dreams, which is one of the most profound successes any human being can have. But by continuing to live in denial and obscuring what's real, life can get really complicated. When blockages prevent the flow of life energy, confusion sets in as a result of fear. Without the cosmic connection, we quickly run out of mojo. Erroneous actions become patterns that define a person as something they are not. The results become automated and repetitive responses to life’s circumstances. But here is the good news: there is a way out of the maze, and it does not have to take lifetimes to realize the simple truth that’s love beyond measure.

The freedom to choose the life you are destined to live (instead of being driven by fear and scarcity into something you don’t really want to be or do) comes with responsibility—the ability to respond consciously. By meticulously going through each lesson in this program and doing your homework, you'll swiftly understand the necessities and practicalities of liberating yourself from the constructs of a limiting mind and how to create the life of your dreams without self-imposed or external limitations.

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A fundamental perspective-shift is necessary to reveal your true identity and purpose.

As a result of a profound perspective shift, our mission, vocation, calling, and purpose become clear. Aimlessly wandering, trying to find purpose in life, can be an arduous and time-consuming task. Not knowing who you are, where you come from, and what your true purpose is in life can feel like being lost. Just going for the money is unfulfilling in the long run, and having to worry about cash flow is a tedious task to think about. But once you have found your calling and mission, you must stabilize your energetic frequency while changing your mindset to lay the foundation that can lead to abundance on all levels. Our invitation is to let your transformational journey to freedom and self-discovery begin right here and now, with us.

Separation Anxiety is a natural reaction of having separated from The Source. 

The vision we have of ourselves in the world is often the result of a distorted perspective based on erroneous viewpoints. It can be daunting to face yourself for real, but the faster you initiate that process, the better off you'll be. Procrastination is a waste of time. Give it your best and learn how to become the best version of yourself fast.

What you'll learn in this course

LOVE is non-exclusive, all encompassing

A healthy relationship with love involves recognizing that love is all-encompassing and the source of all being. You'll learn how to recognize and be love(d).

Nature is what we are

The integrated relationship between human beings and nature is essential to our well-being and to gaining insight. Spending time in nature has been shown to have many benefits. What is the nature of reality?

Work is a perfect combination of...

Your professional work must be aligned with your life's purpose as you generate and raise money while implementing your unique passions, strengths, and talents.

Money & Financial Freedom

A healthy and successful attitude towards money requires a great mindset & really good money management skills. Implementing clear financial strategies is crucial to financial success and financial freedom.

Health is a most valuable asset

Health is the foundation for doing anything meaningful in life. When struggling with survival issues, health can be severely compromised. You will learn about holistic health.


The relationship with yourself defines all other relationships. We are nothing alone, and we never will be. Everything is interrelated, but what implications does that have for you?

Vision of the Self in the world (image)

A realistic vision of the self involves recognizing that the self is not fixed and unchanging but rather fluid and ever-transforming. When the image of the self changes, the world in which it seems to exist also changes. This is important to understand.

Knowledge, Experience, & Homework

Theoretical knowledge is useless unless it's used. You'll learn about many different aspects that are vital to your relationship with yourself and the world. Homework helps implement the knowledge you'll gain through this course,  and it will inspire you creatively to build momentum.

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$497 $997

Omananda has helped many people get unstuck and inspired to change their lives irreversibly (for the better).

The following testimonials are some examples of direct feedback on the work of Omananda.

Liza Adamenko – I love what you do (private and group sessions)

Liza Adamenko Supermodel

I experienced a group and (very unique) private session, and also an Omananda Show. 😀 I wish to feel the same energy again and again! I love your vibes and the way you are transferring your love to the world! Thank you for yourself! 😘

I felt the vibration of the sound on a cellular level

Perle Wolff

First I had the group session and the energy was great. I experienced a deep release of lower energy that was stored in the body. 9 days later I had a private session and again I felt a deep release of energy in the area that Omananda was working on. I highly recommend this for everyone. And I truly appreciate the healing effect that followed after the sessions. 🙏

Thank You for doing this work on Mother Earth

Anna Karin

I got separated from the group and became a stone… I was given the insight of a deep trauma when I was 28 years old. So that I can understand why I seperated in all these years. So thank you for doing this work on Mother Earth. Thank You so very much. ❤️

I was so blown away by this amazing experience!

Krzysztof Baginski

I would like to thank you very much. It was an amazing experience. I was so blown away … just wow! What was this? Absolutely magical! Thank you.

Help balancing chakras and setting new goals

Tina Sivertsen

I had a private ceremony for three hours. Omananda met me openly, listened to me, and he created a safe and cooperative environment. He applied different breathing techniques to prepare me for the journey that was amazing and I went to the nowhere-state, where I was just in my feelings and no brain activity.

Omananda founded, co-founded, or co-produced:

Boom Festival

This Online Course Includes Everything You Need To Grow (beyond your expectations)

Being born in human form is a great opportunity, isn’t it? It’s not to be taken lightly, but not too seriously either. When you stop looking elsewhere for the answers and realize the key to your freedom and your wisdom is hidden deep inside yourself and you are determined on your quest and not distracted to find it with the aim of unlocking it, the most beautiful thing can happen to you, naturally, without much effort. It's not that hard with the help of someone who's gone there before you and who can guide you to the holy grail inside yourself.


In case you get lost on your journey to self-discovery, or in the training, we are here to help you get back on track and center you in the core of your being where you'll find all the answers...


Within this online course, you'll find all resources to complete (and continue on) your journey. If you choose to go deeper with us, you would be invited to join us on a living initiation journey ❤️ (after graduating this course).


Viewing the world from a unified perspective requires being tuned into the whole. Self-realized masters know that the dream is real. What we carry as seeds in our hearts shall & must bloom. 


You'll learn that anything is possible with the lifetime access this course comes with. You can study anywhere in the world with a decent Internet connection at any time. It's up to you to start NOW, with us.

Bonuses, bonuses, bonuses...

A life-changing program like this is, of course, priceless. It would be unlikely, however, that you would complete the training if you were not invested. If you think otherwise, you can always contact us and ask for a scholarship. You'll have to invest your time and energy nonetheless, and for paying us for this incredibly life changing program, we give you the following bonuses in addition to the main modules:

Lifetime Access to all Teaching Modules and Lessons: U$ 497 (already part of this program)
Bonus: Ongoing drip-in content to Keep Your Momentum not just going, but to increase it over time: U$ 200
Bonus: Crucial Systems Information that Enables You to Create and Promote Your Dream Business: U$ 47
Bonus: Our Support Team is here to guide you through This Program: U$ 100
Bonus: Crucial Health & Abundance Information: U$ 150

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Frequently asked questions

When and for how long will I get access to the course?

Once your payment is processed successfully, you'll have instant access to all modules of this course. Drip content follows as part of the bonuses. Your purchase comes with lifetime access to this course.

Are there any additional costs?

Not really. This is a one-time purchase. 

What tools do I need to access all lessons?

A computer, a smart phone, or a tablet with a stable Internet connection is all you need. Use a pen and paper to take notes, and do your homework assignments.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. Your purchase is backed by our 100% 90-day Money Back Guarantee. If you don't get substantial results from this course, just email us and we'll send you a full refund within 90 days. Before we can process your refund, you'll have to submit all completed homework. 😉

How long will it take me to complete the entire course?

To get the most out of this course, we suggest working through it in one of two ways:

The Slow Burn (1 Month): If you prefer to take your time and learn at a slower pace, work through a lesson or two a day, along with the corresponding activities (your homework assignments). It will take you about a month to complete the course at this rate.

The Binger (1 Week): If you prefer to binge (like a good TV series), we suggest splitting the lessons up across three to four days (making sure you are completing all of the activities as you go). Add the homework to that, and it should take you a week to complete it all, besides those homework assignments that can go over several months.

The Committed (1 Year): Honestly, this course is complex, especially the homework assignments and tasks that come with it. Changing your life for the better by reframing your core structure is not an easy job to complete, but it's so very worth it. The drip content will take a year to come in. So, you'll be engaged, but don't worry. You can take it one step at a time and slowly grow beyond your expectations. This way it's not overwhelming for you to implement everything you'll learn here.

Is this Omananda Course right for me?

We've built this course to be valuable for any stage in your life's journey. This course is for you if:

* You are struggling with finding out what your real purpose is in life.
* You want to manifest your dreams and make a positive impact on the world.
* You want to free yourself completely while taking on responsibilities and not neglecting them.
* You want to become a magnet for abundance and ultimately be financially free.
* You are ready to work harder on yourself than anything else, with mastery in mind and heart.
* You want to live a healthy and happy life with relationships that matter.
* You want to connect with a family and tribe of like-minded people all around the world.
* You want to professionalize your talents and turn them into thriving businesses'.
* You want to liberate yourself completely from the bondage of illusion and fear.

Start Today to Change Your Life Forever

Our mission at is to help people free themselves. Complete freedom is our natural state and birthright. A strong sign of awakening is when all worries fade. Love is here to stay, and all else will naturally fall away—especially when we create the space and time for transformation.

Who is the creator of this workshop?

Torsten E. Klimmer, the creator and host of this workshop, started to travel the world with the aim of completely liberating himself from habitual, collectively limiting psychological programming and conditioning. As a young adult, he helped in the movement that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Afterwards, he had a profound spiritual awakening that changed the course of his life. He co-founded, a global synchronized meditation and social impact platform, and he made activist films that helped to protect sacred land and Indigenous cultures in Mexico. Torsten works with shamanic sound in therapy, writes mystical poetry, creates workshops, initiation journeys, films, music, and art. He is passionate about healing humanity on a mass scale. All Omananda Ventures, co-productions, and creations focus on catalyzing conscious awakening.

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